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  1. Congratulations!!! I envy you for knowing what you want for a PhD already 😭 It’s 6 in the morning and I just woke up and found that I was offered a place at NYU as well (with absolutely no funding whatsoever). Ahh I think I will have a tough decision to make... Maybe we would meet in Fall!!:)
  2. Thank you DoctorMusical! I think NYU's PhD results are out by now? So please let me know if you have some good news! Also I think you're 100% correct in saying 'Your thesis and career are going to be what you make of it'. I should remind myself more of that
  3. Thank you sadficus for the reply! Sorry I haven't figured out how to tag people... From the 2021 PhD thread I feel that the competition this year is extremely fierce, so congratulations!! You must have done great in your application!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm applying or performance studies MA beginning in 2021 Fall, and I've received an offer from WUSTL with full tuition remission. I'm still waiting to hear from PS MA from NYU, which was initially my top choice, but now with the funded MA choice, I'm having second thoughts, and I could really use some advice here~ The pros of the program in WUSTL are: a) tuition remission, especially as compared to the incredibly high tuition fee at NYU! b) it is a two year program, which I think gives me more time to think about my research interest (I'm currently at a phase where I have a l
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