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  1. My transcript still says it hasn't been received, too, but I sent it electronically & got an email when it was opened by GEM. I think I've seen in the past threads that that doesn't necessarily get updated in the portal. Do you know your company's GEM rep? My company's rep sent us midterm and final survey links to fill out, so maybe that's what they're doing now instead of a summary report?
  2. I haven't either.
  3. I’ll be in the same track ✌️
  4. My status just says "Confirmed Contract" now, and I don't remember when it said "pending," so I'm guessing it happened within a week or two.
  5. I'd reach out to the GEM university rep, if you haven't already, to let them know you have a company sponsor and to ask when you'll definitively know whether or not the university is going to sponsor you. I think the deadline to confirm your GEM University sponsor is May 1, so that date should be coming up soon.
  6. Not sure which rep you spoke with, or if it's the same across the board, but the person I talked to said that we would not need to pay that deposit.
  7. Oh, wow. Thanks! Hopefully something by April 1.
  8. Anyone heard from USC lately?
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