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  1. Has anybody waitlisted heard anything yet?
  2. Never mind just got my Georgetown rejection lol...wonder if they were scrolling here
  3. Yikes, such a weird spot to be in hey
  4. Yes that helps thanks! Think I’m in wait list limbo atm and that’s why I haven’t been contacted - at least that’s what I’m hoping!
  5. Hey did anyone apply for Georgetown’s Masters in Global International Comparative History? I haven’t heard a single thing lol and although I was expecting a rejection I thought it would come sooner rather than this late?
  6. Did anyone here apply for the masters in history as well? We were supposed to hear back by mid feb but it’s been crickets for me lol I didn’t expect to get in but I expected to maybe get the rejection letter by now
  7. waitlisted! Was expecting a rejection lol so mini win
  8. Nothing on my end yet, not an international applicant
  9. Just SSP I believe, I haven’t received anything and I was msfs
  10. Anyone know when MSFs decisions might get released? Between it and MAGIC History feel like I’ve been waiting 40 years!!!
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