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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give any insight of doing grad school and/or working in Boston? I'm originally from NYC and did my undergrad here and I am thinking about doing grad school in Boston. How was your experience after grad school? Was finding a job difficult in Boston? I guess, also, if anyone has worked in Boston and NYC as an SLP, did you prefer one city over the other?? (also i'm aware of state licenses and the teaching certification for NYC, so I understand that if I do grad school in Boston, it'll be difficult to work in NYC) Any insight is w
  2. same here!! and no not yet, if i dont hear back by the end of this week i think i will? hbu? hope we hear back soon
  3. i've heard emerson is a great program!!! it's also one of my top choices:) i talked to some alum and the ones who did their pre-reqs over the summer said it was quite manageable and the faculty there are super supportive
  4. has anyone heard back from northeastern yet? i interviewed 2/19 and still havent heard anything :/ (sorry if this is not the right place to ask this - im quite sure how forums work on here hahah)
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