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  1. What was your application complete date before it turned blank? Or is it just blank all the time?
  2. I didn’t receive any decision letter as well...kind of losing hope 😢My dad said I am just not good enough
  3. I just received exactly the same email.
  4. I guess you can email umsi.admissions@umich.edu But I sent them an email last Saturday and got no reply, maybe they are just too busy 😢
  5. Hope we can receive the acceptance letter this week.
  6. Does anybody know when they will release the next wave of decisions? 😢It’s killing me for waiting cause I have other programs accepted and have to make my decision in April. I heard that in past years some people submitted applications in January but got no decisions until June...
  7. May I ask when you guys submitted the application? I submitted on Dec 28 but still haven’t received any decision email.
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