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  1. I have an offer from Howard and I'm trying to find reasonably priced living space for just myself. What areas in the DMV area are affordable for a phd student wanting to live alone on a very limited income. I do have a car, so transportation isn't a huge issue for me. If you have any helpful thought, please share. I'd really like to make this work if I can.
  2. Has anyone applied to Delaware State University and been accepted? What's the area like? What's the institution like? Bonus: Are you studying mathematics? What is the demographic in the math department like?
  3. I've heard from 2/5 schools I applied to. Is it me shouldn't I have heard from the others by now? The schools I've heard from have not offered any funding so far, which is also concerning. I'm trying to be patient and not panic, but it's hard.
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