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  1. gradwoes

    No Javits FY2012

    So some updates. 1) Most likely no Javits FY2012. 2) Liaison in my department says that there's enough money to fund current fellows for FY2011 and FY2012. After that, who knows. 3) Emailed them about alternates for FY2011 (never heard back from them). Here's what they had to say: "Thanks for your email. At this time, the few alternates we can support have been contacted. We do not anticipate contacting any additional alternate candidiates." So, that's it, folks! Goodbye Javits!
  2. I have to respectfully disagree with this assessment. Columbia offers quite a few historians for South Asia including Profs. Dirks, Bakhle, and Rao. This fall the department will be hiring an historian who focuses on Islam in pre-modern and modern South Asia. Outside of the history department there's of course the plethora of professors in Anthro, Art History, and MESAAS (Middle East, South Asian, and African Studies). I'm not sure if it's gotten weaker, as they haven't lost any faculty or anything like that. Also, I don't think it's chaotic either: students study South Asia from a multitude of departments, but all the graduate students get to know each other/research/present papers through the South Asia Institute. I'm not trying to be a hack and say that Columbia is for every single potential South Asia history graduate student ever, but it certainly has its merits!
  3. Those budget proposals make me furious - but the adjectives I use nowadays to describe politics tend to be 'furious' or 'disappointed' anyway. I'm writing to my hometown congressman (he won by a margin of 700 votes, and I voted for him, so he better read that letter...) and sending a letter to the editor of the small newspaper back home. People need to know!
  4. Got an email telling me I'm an alternate. Ah, gotta love the liminal space!
  5. I applied to Columbia, Princeton, Chicago, Harvard, and Tufts. I was accepted by Columbia, waitlisted by Chicago, and rejected at Princeton and Harvard (I rescinded my application from Tufts). Declined my position on the waitlist at Chicago and I'm headed to Columbia in the fall!
  6. I was just waitlisted by Chicago as well. I've decided to decline a position on the waitlist and rescind my applications that are still up in the air. Good luck to everyone else!
  7. I think I may be going to Columbia in the fall, but I'm still waiting to hear from a few schools. I'm still debating whether to fly out for the program though...
  8. The DGS and the Graduate Administrator (I got two emails, both had the same info)
  9. Yeah, through email. This is seriously roller coaster level insanity - I was all but ready to go to bed for the night (I live in the UK) because I have a cold. Now, I can barely sit still!
  10. Just got into Columbia! Included stipend information and everything What a swing of emotions!
  11. Rejected from Princeton's history department. Blurgh.
  12. Just rejected from Princeton - was my top choice. Ugh.
  13. Congrats to both of you! Since I applied through history departments, I still probably have a while to go...
  14. Who knew Gradcafe was filled with all these Tabs... Really, though, go to Oxford - a much more civilized locale.
  15. Kind of glad I didn't apply to Yale at this point (though I couldn't have - no program in my subfield). But, all this anxiety is turning me grey. That and the fact that I've reached a point in my trans-Atlantic relationship where we had "the talk" about how feasible it is to go on long distance. Shouldn't have quit smoking last month - but thank god for whisky and wine.
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