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  1. @sbidyanta Thank you so much for your response! I wasn’t sure whether to mention the GPA issue in the statement of purpose or elsewhere in the application, but I guess I will briefly explain it in the statement. Actually, I had known about my school’s policy before taking all those courses, but both semesters ended up being extremely relevant to my current field and research and I had wanted the experience, so I don’t regret it at all. I hope the admissions team will take that as a positive thing.
  2. @andylee0427Thank you for the suggestion! Then I think I will follow up in mid-August, since the second professor (the one with the automatic reply) will also be back around then. I think I didn’t put any pressure in my email, or at least I hope I didn’t! Haha. I’m applying to only two schools. I provided all the info and materials they might need and let them know that the applications won’t be due until December. I also just asked if they could let me know if they would be able to write a strong letter of recommendation. I think I was very polite in my request. I’m hoping that they
  3. First, congrats on the great scores! Second, what were your percentiles for each section on each test? That could make a difference if you’re considering sending only one score report. Also, you mentioned that you’re an international student. So, do you already have a great TOEFL or other similar test score to show to make up for the 4.0 AW section (if required for you)? Personally, I don’t think you have to worry about your multiple attempts at the test looking bad. You improved in two major sections. I guess that’s why knowing the percentiles would help to see how significant the differ
  4. That’s strange. The few schools I’m applying to already all mention on their websites which of their programs will require GRE, which ones won’t accept GRE scores at all, and which ones will have GRE as optional for the upcoming admissions cycle. If the schools you’re considering don’t have it listed on their websites yet, I’m guessing they might know by August or September.
  5. @iLackImaginationThank you again for you reply. I need three letters, so I went ahead and contacted three professors at first. One had an automated response that they’re away for the summer, so I will follow up in August. A second one responded a day later saying they were very happy to write me a letter and also wants to set up a meeting to talk and help me revise my SOP, which I hadn’t even asked for, so I’m very grateful! The third hasn’t responded, and it has been 6 days now. I know professors are very busy or might even be away since it’s summer, so I don’t want to bother t
  6. Hello. When is a good time to start contacting former professors to request letters of recommendation? My PhD applications are due in early December and will become available in the portal in September and October. Do I wait until at least one of the universities’ application is available (so that I can submit their email addresses in the form and they can get notified), until ALL applications are available (so that they can get notified at the same time for all of them), or can I start contacting them now in the summer? I’m not sure how specific the application instructions are. Do
  7. Hello. I think you’ll get better responses if you post to the Speech-Language Pathology Forum of GradCafe at this link: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/95-speech-language-pathology-forum/ Good luck on your applications!
  8. Hello! 🙂 I think you don’t have to worry too much about your B, especially if it’s the lowest grade you have. I’m not sure where you heard this though about everyone getting a 4.0, but this is entirely not true. People get a variety of grades in grad school, and it also depends on the field. For example, in law (which is grad level in the US), you’re graded on a curve in nearly all of your classes. By that alone, 99% of law students would be unable to get a 4.0 GPA and be disadvantaged when applying for a PhD in another field, were they to decide to ever go into academia in a different fi
  9. Hello! I know it’s summer now and still several months away from application deadlines. But around what time of year does this forum get really active? I first came upon GradCafe a few years ago when I was applying for masters but hadn’t returned again until now for PhD applications. I absolutely love reading through the posts! It seems like there’s only a few new ones everyday now, so I find myself always reading through old ones but am now running out. Lol
  10. Hello. Is it still too early in the year to email POI for PhD programs? I have some professors I’ve researched whose articles I’ve been reading for a while now and whose research interests seem strongly related to mine. Recently, I’ve sent a few of them emails to introduce myself and express my interest in their work. But I’m not sure if it’s the right timing or not. I certainly don’t want to annoy anyone during their summer break. But I also figured that they’re probably more free now than they will be once the semester starts. Of course I’ll follow up later in the fall if I don’t hear back i
  11. Hello, everyone! 😀 Just starting a new thread for Stanford GSE applications for Fall 2022. Anyone else applying for PhD? As for me, I’m interested in SHIPS-ICE. The GRE situation is quite interesting. I actually want to submit my GRE score, but the website shows both that my program has an option to submit scores and also that it’s not required (which would mean that I wouldn’t be able to submit it). It seems like a possible error on the website. Anyone else know about that? Anyway, hope to talk here with other people and get through this application cycle together!
  12. I didn’t have much guidance from anyone in high school and college, so it took me several years to find my passion and what I really wanted to do in life. Maybe the following can help you in some way: I graduated from undergrad in Field A, where I took a bunch of classes in Subfield B, but was miserable when I got a job in Field A, so then went back to school and got a graduate degree in unrelated Field C because it paid well (which was not at all a good deciding factor, by the way). Anyway, while doing my studies in Field C, I got interested in Subfields D and E and did a lot of part-tim
  13. Hello. When applying to PhD programs, do you include or leave out any high school info from your academic CV? I don’t meant going into detail but just briefly mentioning it. What if it’s a top high school in the country and you won some awards or had membership in honor roll or the national honor society? Do you include just the name of the school in the education section and/or any awards in another section, or just leave out everything related to high school altogether? I’m just wondering because I left out my information since I’ve gotten a few degrees after high school, but I do know
  14. Hello. Are there any other American students living in another country but applying for grad school back in the US? I see that there is a pinned forum post for those applying abroad but not for those thinking of coming back. Are there any advantages or disadvantages when applying? Would they treat me like a domestic student or international for admission purposes, and do committees even have a preference? My entire education including masters was in the US and only more recently moved abroad, if that makes a difference. Then there’s a strange visa issue. I’m applying to PhD programs
  15. Hello, everyone! And thank you, @TabTurbo for starting this new thread! Is there anyone else applying for the PhD in education this year? Also, I wonder how the acceptance rate varies between the masters and the doctoral programs. I did my masters at HGSE in an earlier year, but it would be an absolute dream to be able to go back and study there again, even though I know there are far fewer openings for PhD. 😅
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