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  1. I think it just means that the selection has been made and you'll receive results very soon. Last week a Brazilian guy wrote in this forum that his status changed to "Selection Made" but then to "Application Rejected" after a few hours. Good to have news though! Good luck
  2. I hope you're right ahahha. It was my first scholarship interview ever and I did not expect an aggressive behaviour 😥
  3. Thank you! I am not conviced at all about how the interview went though😂 There were 3 Italian professors and 1 from the DAAD, and one of the professors was very rude since the beginning. I hope it was just a strategy to test my personality or something like that ahah otherwise I can't explain why he was so rude and aggressive. Did any of you had the same experience with the interview?
  4. Hi, I am also from Italy and I applied for the MSc all disciplines scholarship. I received the invitation email for interview on 1st of April and did the interview on 29th of April. I also know other 2 guys that applied for the same scholarship and did the Interview in the same days. Unfortunately, I believe that passing through the pre-selection (and the interview) is a requirement to get the scholarship for Italian candidates. The interview was only 15 minutes so probably they did a huge selection before and interviewing was just a kind of confirm to get the scholarship (also beca
  5. I wrote the DAAD Bonn office asking about an approximate date for the results and the answer is: Dear XX,Thank you for your enquiry. As soon as the selection is made, you can see ''Selection made'' indicated in the "Status of application" column in the Application and funding overview of the DAAD portal. Completion of further processing steps may take several weeks, until you can finally find your personal selection result in the notification area of the Application and funding overview. Best regards,Betty Kinuu
  6. Hi guys, I applied for the MSc all disciplines from Italy, still waiting results. Did the funding dates or the status change for anyone from Italy? (MSc)
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