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  1. Any updates for the Ph.D. interview invitations?
  2. As of a couple years ago, people were getting accepted well into February.
  3. I just skimmed through the results and didn't pay close attention, but was this on the results page?
  4. Are there so many fewer applicants to DAPS? Seems like most of the responses on the search page were from SHIPS applicants.
  5. Ha, at least you can get a hold of your POI. All quiet on the western front for me....:/
  6. Hmm...that's encouraging, I guess. I wonder if any of the people that have received interview invitations applied to HDLT.
  7. Yeah, thanks. Are you the one who posted your interview on the Results Search page today? Also, I hear there's a fast turnaround time with respect to responding to their request -- how fast was it?
  8. Just wondering since there's nothing on the Results Search page. I applied to ELX, which may be kind of administratively separate from the other tracks...who knows.
  9. Was that for all the different concentrations or just certain ones?
  10. Anybody heard anything back yet?
  11. Just thought it would make sense to start a thread for all of this year's doctoral applicants to Penn GSE. I assume nobody has heard anything back yet?
  12. Has anyone who applied to the Educational Studies track heard anything back yet?
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