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  1. I feel a bit bad to update this but I said I would report back. I have been accepted to Fordham’s MSW program.
  2. Thank you, I have my fingers crossed! Yeah, it absolutely does not matter. All they need is CSWE-accreditation. I mean maybe a little bit, depending on location. Where I live now in the West Coast, my supervisor and coworkers didn’t even know about Fordham. I am from NY which is why I know about it (I moved away from NY like 4-5 years ago). I want to get into Fordham basically because they have the courses I am interested in, and I like their term plans, the one that is 1 course per 7-week semester. That would be perfect for me. I did read that on UB’s online MSW page. But they also
  3. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry to read you didn’t make it. I also applied to three other schools that are cheaper than Fordham per credit by hundreds of dollars. Fordham is my first choice too and the max I will pay (or max i’m willing to take out loans for). The 3 others are public schools. SUNY U at Buffalo, Florida State U, and U of Central FL. I am being pessimistic on it though, so that a rejection won’t sting as hard. I trained my mind to expect a rejection from Fordham and FSU. My heart will still sink after a rejection, but won’t be hurting for too long and I am at
  4. I just read a thread here from 2020 after more searching, where an applicant said he received an acceptance from Fordham MSW Spring 2021 on October 5th 2020. So it appears that for priority deadline students, you should expect to start getting decisions on 1st week of October. Just speculation though. Don’t take my word for it.
  5. I think that depends on when you completed the app. Sept 20th was priority deadline. So applicants who applied before that date will likely get the decision soon. I imagine in the next couple of weeks. Looking back at an old thread here for Fordham MSW Spring admissions 2018, I see a couple of applicants there mentioning they received their acceptance notification on October 2nd 2017. So maybe first week of October? Who knows. I can’t find anything else. All other Fordham MSW threads seem to always be for Fall admissions. Regular app deadline seems to be November 1st.
  6. Hey. Good luck. I also applied to Fordham MSW for Jan 2022. My application is complete. I am just waiting on a decision now. Let’s hope we get some good news.
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