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  1. I haven’t decided but I need to by Friday which is crazy! There’s so many positives to each but having visited all the schools, if I were between Columbia and Chicago I’d pick Chicago. You still get a fabulous program with a well known school and Chicago is just a better city and frankly more affordable. My issue is now Chicago vs UCLA in reality.
  2. Has anyone chosen UChicago? I’m looking at that program, Columbia, and UCLA as my top choices. Curious to what people have heard about the programs, or why they chose it!
  3. Does anyone know if UCLA has a virtual admitted students day or student ambassadors? I probably won’t be able to make the April 7th event but I’d really love to talk to some current students and try to really get a feel for the program
  4. I got my grad division letter in Feb and my Luskin letter yesterday! I hope they send the financial info soon, I have other deadlines coming up...
  5. did anyone else who got into ucla get scholarship money?? curious if they even give that sort of stuff
  6. Does anyone know when UCLA’s acceptance deadline is? I haven’t gotten a letter from the social work program, just grad admissions, and it doesn’t have a date. I emailed abs called the office but no responses
  7. Here's hoping!! I at least would like to know when I have to tell them if I'm accepting...tbh the lack of communication from the school itself is really putting a damper on my excitement about UCLA
  8. I’m in the same boat with UCLA! I didn’t get a letter from the school, just graduate admissions. I don’t even know what my acceptance deadline is…
  9. Ugh mine says no award letter is available…….don’t love that
  10. Where did you see your financial aid info? I didn't get a letter to my email and there's no letter in myUCLA either. Did you have to submit something extra? I filed my FAFSA months ago and it said to add your SSN in the profile but I don't have an option to do that either
  11. Child and Family Wellbeing! Although I'm not sure I'll stick with that one if I go...
  12. If it helps, I also got in but I had a 3.65, graduated with a BA in psychology, and took 3 years off to work in a bar and as a research coordinator so definitely not the traditional track
  13. I heard from UCLA over the weekend!! It's a little weird, it was just an acceptance letter with no information on financial aid or acceptance deadline...they said that would come separately but I still haven't gotten a letter from Luskin specifically
  14. Ooooh good luck!! Fingers crossed for you...if it helps, I actually checked the portal and saw the status update before they even sent me an email! Would definitely recommend doing that if you want to find out a little early
  15. Heard from UCLA last night, and got accepted!!! They're a top choice so I'm really excited...didn't hear anything about potential scholarships though
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