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  1. I don't have any news either. It's been over 8 weeks since everything has been submitted.
  2. @Cassie Bohm I asked the admission advisor before. If you applied for Sept 2021 and you are a non-bsw you will hear back in May. I think for those who have a bsw it's in Feb/Mar. They are currently releasing the results of the May cohort
  3. @makttrrr not yet and I submitted everything on Nov 22nd. I am applying for the non-bsw though
  4. Congrats @Pandora2! When did you submit? I am a non-bsw. Any non-bsw heard from Windsor yet?
  5. If I was to guess we will hear back at the end of January
  6. Not yet and I submitted everything including reference on Nov 22nd. I feel your pain but I don't count the two weeks of holidays since no one from the university will be working during that time. They probably just got back to work on Tue this week
  7. Congrats!! What an awesome new year news! I applied for the Sept 2021 intake and was wondering where on LORIS does it offer the acceptance? Thanks
  8. @DiveInComeOutKinder Mine disappeared as well. I think it's because the application closed yesterday for the supplemental application
  9. @makttrrr when did yours changed to in process?
  10. @makttrrrNo and I submitted on Nov 22. I assumed they are on Christmas break by now
  11. @PESocialW Is it an in person or an online program?
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