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  1. Very good points. Also, @Mattsjoe, there is an introductory essay, which was written by a MIT PhD student-AP at UC Berkeley right now (https://abhishekn.com/files/phdguide.pdf). BUT afterall, referring to the schools, you need to do your own homework (or I would say "research").
  2. Hey guys, Applying to PhD in Accounting, 2022. My research interests: financial acct, VC, disclosure. applied to about 20 schools (some top-tier ones, and some fair ones). I did my graduate school in Boston, but I'm quite flexible in term of location... "first choice" in the list: Chicago, Stanford, NYU, Columbia, Chapel Hill, Michigan... submitted them two weeks ago... all of them became complete three days ago... Background: Undergraduate in nuclear eng. and acocunting(IFRS) from a top10 U in China; MS in accounting. GMAT 760 Q51 V41. One-year fulltime RA and TA. One work
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