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  1. I received an admissions offer from Michigan State directly from my POI via email. They said an official admissions letter from the program would be coming soon, so I'm not sure how other POIs at MSU might be going about notifying applicants of final decisions!
  2. I interviewed at Mizzou last week at the formal interview day, but I have not received this email
  3. I received a second interview invitation to U of Montana for the official interview day! I had a preliminary interview in December.
  4. I’m wondering the same. I guess we will play it by ear and see how things go!
  5. Have you guys received any invites for in-person interviews and how are we feeling about that? I've received one in-person invite at Michigan State but I am feeling a little uneasy with the current COVID situation. Do you guys think in-person interviews will stay in-person considering how quickly omicron is spreading now/will spread after the holidays? 😅
  6. Just received an interview offer from the University of Oregon! ☺️
  7. I received an interview this afternoon from the University of Virginia’s combined clinical and school psych program! 😊
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