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  1. Has anyone who had a Caltech interview already heard back yet (organic specifically)? I can't remember if the interviewer said they'll have decisions by the end of this week or next week lol
  2. I'm not sure how expensive the Bay Area is exactly since I've lived in the midwest my entire life, but is 38k a good stipend considering the cost of living in that area?
  3. HAHA I I think I had the same problem. Talked so fast I forgot to mention some of the best parts of my undergrad experience and research😅
  4. Did they rush through any of the Caltech interviews (organic)? They rushed through mine and I'm scared thats a bad sign lol, they barely asked any follow up questions so I'm concerned
  5. I didn't apply to UCSD or UCLA but I heard back from a faculty member at Berkeley about a week and a half ago. I was reading some old admissions forums and some people received their official acceptances without being contacted by a professor. They haven't sent official acceptances yet so there is still hope if you haven't heard from them yet! Also to those wondering about Caltech organic, my interviewer mentioned more interviews are going on early next week, and these interviews were not listed on the initial schedule, which makes me think they are not done sending out interviews
  6. Does anyone have an idea of Berkeley's stipend? They didn't send out official acceptances yet and I'm more concerned about their stipend considering how expensive the area is.
  7. This is super helpful, thank you!! Glad to hear your interview went well!
  8. I wasn't super serious about UChicago till I saw the 37K. I didn't think making a decision would be this tough lol Unrelated, but has MIT sent out interviews for organic already?
  9. Did anyone here have their Caltech interview today? I'm wondering what they actuaslly asked in those 10 minutes. I have mine tomorrow and super nervous
  10. I talked to a PI last week and he said the department is most likely changing it, possibly to March because of COVID. But even the PIs have no idea when it will actually take place and will find out whenever official acceptances are sent out. I'm concerned because that may conflict with visit weekends at some California schools 😭
  11. Same issues with the portal for me, if anyone is wondering about stipends...because they didn't say anything officially yet I'm not sure (hoping they'll send stipend and visit weekend info soon), but I have a friend that's currently a PhD student there and said the stipend is higher than most places despite Chicago not being too expensive for a major city.
  12. Hmmm I'm not so sure. From their email it seems like they contacted everyone at once I think there are empty slots because they offered more time slots than interviewees in case of time conflicts (there are like 4 slots left I think). But I could be very wrong about this. You could also contact their admissions coordinator who can probably give you a definite answer
  13. Maybe it is division dependent? I'm organic and I know Caltech finished sending out their interviews but all slots aren't taken. I didn't hear back from MIT regarding interviews though. Anyone in organic hear back from MIT about interviews?
  14. Hi! I see that some people have posted about acceptances/interviews from northwestern. If this applies to you, what division did you apply to? I'm trying to figure out if NW organic has made any decisions yet. Thanks!
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