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  1. Curious if anyone has heard anything about interviews for Berkeley.
  2. Oh yeah--I definitely still think it's worth going I applied to Magazine at Medill as well! Also need to do an interview for them...and have really been putting off my Kira assessment. I honestly hate the way it's designed (feels so unnatural, at least doing the practice questions!), but I bet you did better than you think.
  3. Hi! I decided pretty last minute to apply to J-school this round. Threw together an application to Berkeley last month...now finishing up apps to Medill and Boston University. I was an anthropology major as an undergrad, then spent 2 years working in a public health research institute in Boston. That job ended during the pandemic, so I started freelance writing. I've published a fair amount of clips in the last year, but don't have much formal journalism training, hence the application to J-school. To be honest, I've talked to a lot of folks in the industry who have discouraged me from a
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