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  1. I wonder if admissions committee panels ever check gradcafe and see us all panicking 😄 Can anyone who has heard back from Harvard DrPH about interviews please put me out of my misery
  2. Hmm good point. I know they had the kira assessment for all applicants last year as well. I would be surprised if there were no additional interviews for such a competitive program. I guess the only way we'll know is if we hear from Harvard or if someone posts on gradcafe that they received an invite. Yeah I noticed that too.. although one Epi interview just got posted on the results board today! Fingers crossed for all who applied.
  3. From last year's thread, it seems that first round interviews for Harvard's DrPH were sent out in early Jan, second round in early Feb, and final decisions were made by mid-Feb. I'm hoping the admissions team is taking longer because they were on a well deserved break over the holidays, and not because all interview invitations have been sent! 😬
  4. Hello everyone and happy new year! I applied to Harvard and JHU's DrPH programs. Has anyone heard back from these schools?
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