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  1. Saw that too! I didn’t hear anything yet unfortunately, but a few people on the California MSW support group on FB said they were admitted.
  2. It’s so hard to tell! i knew people who were accepted to CSUSB in early February, and I barely got my acceptance this week. I think it’s premature to know because people who get admitted in this round may not accept the offer, and they’ll have another round of interviews. Wishing you luck. ?
  3. Hey guys! Has anyone heard back from CSUDH? I have heard back from my other schools regarding interviews but haven't heard anything from CSUDH.
  4. Hello! I don’t know much about the other schools but I actually applied to LLU! It’s close by and my partner and his family attended LLU for a number of things (OT, MD, BSN, etc.) I know someone who graduated with their MSW from there too. I’ve heard it’s a good school and has good programs; however, the price is outrageous!! Luckily I have 0 debt from my undergrad, so it wouldn’t be the worst thing to pay for my MSW from there. It’s definitely my last resort because of the price, but if you can pay for it, go for it. It’s a good program.
  5. I got an invite for an interview from CSUF!
  6. I heard a 3.49 is the average, so I think your GPA shouldn’t be a I applied pretty late in the game. I believe I applied two weeks before the deadline, oops! My recommender took forever to submit their letter of rec. i’ll share my stats too: I have about a combined 2/3 years of work and volunteer experience. GPA for last 60-90 units: 4.0 Cum GPA: 3.2 ? my second year of college was an intense one due to some pretty intense stuff. I really hope it doesn’t affect me too much since I’ve done well every other year. I think it really depends on your overall application though. Last year, one of my friends got in with a 3.3 and the other one was rejected with a 3.9 even though she applied early.
  7. I applied to CSUN, CSUF, CSUSB and CSUDH's MSW program for Fall 2022. Has anyone heard back from any of these schools?
  8. Congrats! Hopefully you get into your top as well! I applied I believe a few days before the priority deadline so I am hoping I didn’t apply too late.
  9. I can’t remember for sure, but I’m almost certain I prioritized the 2-year option!
  10. Hi! I applied to CSUF, CSUDH, CSUN, and CSUSB! I applied in late (?) January for all of them because my applications weren’t complete until my last recommendation was submitted. I’m still anxiously waiting to hear back too!
  11. Hi congrats on the SB acceptance! Do you mind telling us when you applied to CSUSB? That was my safety school too, but because of the location is has quickly become my #1. Also, I would respond to the acceptance and try to keep your space while you wait for the others! I heard there’s no money that needs to be put down, so I would just accept for now.
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