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  1. I just declined a funded offer for the University of Louisville's English rhet/comp program.
  2. I just turned down a funded offer from U Minnesota's RSTC program. I'll be turning down an unfunded offer for NCSU's CRDM soon.
  3. I got an acceptance e-mail around lunch today with a GTA offer. Good luck to everyone else waiting!
  4. I haven't, but I was thinking (hoping) it would be this week since the February 26 e-mail from the DGS said we'd hear in a "couple of weeks."
  5. Would anyone accepted with funding be willing to share what the teaching load is and/or whether you are considering declining the offer? Thanks!
  6. I'm an "M." Maybe something will come one way or the other (for this and the other 7 schools) soon. The waiting game is for the birds!
  7. I wonder if these are going out alphabetically. *checks e-mail compulsively*
  8. Yes, the e-mail indicates that the director is "hopeful" they can offer funding soon. Thanks, and congrats to you, too!! My fingers are *crossed* about the funding. Please let me know if you gain any insight on the situation! I have no idea whether funding is likely to come through for us.
  9. It looks like I got in but am waitlisted for funding. Hmmn.
  10. I see an acceptance has been posted for NC State's CRDM program. Does anyone want to claim it? A big congratulations!! If you don't mind, would you be willing to share some info. on your background, interests, and stats? Thanks!
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