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  1. Thank you so much! Yeah, I dont think it'll fully sink it until I get the money. Congrats to you also!
  2. THE LETTER FINALLY CAME! I was already informed by Graduate Studies from my university (Concordia) so I knew I got it but the letter makes it all official. I am only funded 40K because I have two year left. My score is 22.5/30 This is my third time applying for SSHRC. My grades were too low in undergrad to apply to OGS and/or SSHRC for my MA. Stats when applied 2.7/4 GPA for BA 4.17/4.3 MA GPA 4.2/4.3 PhD GPA 2 very strong letters — from supervisor (University Chair) and from a Canada Research Chair 1 peer reviewed publication forthcoming (sole author) 1 review in peer reviewed publication 1 encyclopedia entry (1st author) 6 non peer reviewed publications (sole author) 2 peer reviewed conferences 4 conferences 4 invited talks 9 adjudicated group exhibitions 6 RAs & GAs 2 TAs 1 studio instructor position OGS for PhD (declined because went to Quebec) 3 year entrance fellowship for PhD at Concordia Concordia Merit Scholarship Several travel funds from Concordia and York Several fieldwork & research bursaries from York for my MA thesis Canadian Media Research Consortium Small Research Grant not sure what else I put on for research contributions. I also used the special section to explain my low undergrad GPA. First time I applied for SSHRC PhD, I was forwarded by York, and got an atrocious low score of something like less than 10. 2nd time I was not even forwarded from Concordia (my PhD school). I'd like to say that I completely changed my Application Statement less than 2 weeks before the deadline. I am still working within the broader category of my field, but after I finished my doctoral exam I had a crazy epiphany and decided to write something new from scratch. Some thought I was insane, but my supervisor told me to go for it. I was very lucky to have a team of people help me get my initial idea/draft into a cogent articulate application. So, sometimes having an intuition and inspiration is worth pursuing. My previous app was worked on for since the previous year, but I couldn't do that to myself when I had such an intense feeling to change it. This was also 7 days before FQRSC was due (and I received that also). So, despite the amazing prize to help pay off my student loans, I am so thrilled that my intuition and energy paid off and that I should always follow my gut. *excuse the cheeziness but ho-lee I am beyond excited since I was sure I was a lost cause*
  3. I also received an email from Dolly! I will be going into my 3rd year PhD to start the award. I am at Concordia Communication Studies. I am actually quite speechless because this is my 3rd time applying for sshrc! I was unable to apply for SSHRC or OGS in my MA because of my low undergrad grades. Now to wonder whether FQSRC will fund a 5th year
  4. Stress till you can't stress no more, & if you cry, stress & stress some more... A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long ooh yeah A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long one more time A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long sing it A la la la la long, a la la la la long long li long long long hey (sorry couldn't help myself)
  5. Wow, 55 out of 63! Concordia sends about 49 out of over 100... And don't fret, honestly. I have bad undergrad grades too... I know they have been haunting me forever, but I have some faith. It's also my third time applying to SSHRC for my doctoral studies. Ouch.
  6. raise cain

    FQRSC 2013

    From their PSA: Au total, ce sont 801 demandes au doctorat qui ont été examinées par les comités d’évaluation. Les demandes sont recommandées dans une proportion de 95 %. Parmi les candidats recommandés, 240 étudiants au doctorat reçoivent aujourd’hui une offre de la part du Fonds. The odds of getting an FQRSC are much lower than getting a SSHRC then....
  7. raise cain

    FQRSC 2013

    Wrenochka: it looks like we are in the same category. What is your object of inquiry? And being first on a waitlist is great news. I'm sure you will get it.
  8. Yes, but depends on the year I guess. For sure if you get superSSHRC then you accept that, but I heard that FQRSC funds you till your 5th year and since I'm entering my 3rd I'm better off taking that, that is if I get the SSHRC and have to choose...
  9. Hey! Can you post this in the fqrsc thread? Would be helpful. What category where you in? I was ranked 5th out of 18 in 06B & received it.
  10. raise cain

    FQRSC 2013

    CONGRATS! YAY!!!!!!! We have 10 days to accept or decline so I hope SSHRC results are out soon. Could you post your rankings for us to know? Thanks
  11. raise cain

    FQRSC 2013

    Got a response today. I am over the moon. My first time applying for FQRSC but my third time applying for a external doctoral award. My undergrad grades were very low so I am not surprised on my score. I also completely changed my fqrsc/sshrc statement 7 days before the deadline because I had an epiphany concerning what I want to do. Here are some details for you folks: Was ranked 5th out of 18 in my category. Comite : 06B Concours : B2 Groupe : 1 Bourse de : Doctorat Dossier universitaire 4.733 / 6 Aptitude et experience en recherche (6 pts) 5.617 /6 Qualite et interet scientifique du projet de recherche (8 pts) 7.4 / 8 17.75 /20 GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
  12. The anxiety is seriously gonna give me an ulcer. Anyone else? Sigh.
  13. raise cain

    FQRSC 2013

    I have heard of this student status being a deterrent but I was told by my graduate department to apply for a quebec citizenship asap when I moved here so that I will be eligible for fqrsc (and other provincial stuff), or else I would only be eligible for SSHRC. My friends in other departments that are PhDs were also told this (we all moved in 2011 for the start of our PhD). Like I mentioned, I applied with proof of residence (my lease), a photo, and received a card in the mail valid 3 months after I moved to the province. No interviews, no anything else. I even received a temp card the day I applied because I needed to get some tests done. My friends did also. No red tape, hoops, etc. I know perhaps it seems difficult to conceive that there was nothing more to it than that. I know I am fully a QC resident because I even filed QC income tax last year. So many benefits! I do know however that many of my friends from McGill, etc. have been living here as grad students but not QC residents. Cheers.
  14. The York PhD and York in general also gives you lots of attention and support. ComCult is one of the few joint programs that actually works like a joint program, unlike some other that are just that by name. Congrats to all those admitted!
  15. Agreed. I faced some pretty nasty hostility because I was the only from my cohort that was forwarded by my university. It's like, bitches puhhhhlease, it's my third time trying. Chill. I'm already defeated as it is. 1st doctoral try was passed on by my host school and got a low score. 2nd time, didn't get forwarded by my university. This time ranked high by department and forwarded but who knows? Sigh. My marks were too low to apply during my MA.
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