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  1. pinku2002

    Hanover, NH

    Hey guys , Just wondering if anyone has any suggestion for housing at Dartmouth , I am trying to find anything on the cheaper side which is "walkable" to campus. Any other information is more than welcomed!! Help!!
  2. Gatech is driving me up the wall!! I emailed(Both of the Named people mentioned above) them called them , standard response: We will not give out your decision via phone or email , did not even tell me whether they made a damn decision or not. No update on website (as expected). Horrible admissions department , no other words to describe it.
  3. I am in champaign !! The letter still took a week to get to me! I live like 4 blocks away!
  4. Got my rejection letter from UIUC today.
  5. Hi , Just wondering if anyone has heard from the following schools or have any other info , I am sick of waiting: Gatech- PhD in Human Centered Computing UIUC- PhD in CS USC - MS in CS The only school I have heard from is UC Irvine, which was using their online system. Thanks
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