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  1. Congrats to all the UC Irvine admits!! Keeping my fingers crossed that there's still hope for a late acceptance!
  2. So many people are hearing back from UC Irvine and I haven't heard a thing yet. If I haven't heard anything from the program at all, is there still a chance?
  3. Hi All! Does anyone have any recommendations for a good cultural anthropology PhD program that focuses (or has faculty focusing) on digital/cyber anthropology? I know there are some digital anthropology programs out there but all I've found are for BA or MA. I've already received by MA and I'm looking to get my PhD. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Thanks so much, noodles and far_to_go. I really appreciate your words of advice and encouragement. I find myself freaking out here at work trying to find a way to do research on the side, etc., but I think I'm worrying a little too much. I will definitely stay in touch, noodles, as we are very much in the same boat. Thanks again!
  5. I graduate in May 2011 with a Master's in cultural anthropology and my dream is to pursue my PhD, however, I did not get into the only Antho PhD program in my city. I'm married and I own a house. Therefore, I have to stay where I'm at for a couple years (hence why I only applied to the one local program). I'm planning on applying to programs for fall 2013 but, until then, I'm working in an unrelated field to save up money. My focus in anthropology is on cyberanthropology (particularly social media) and I'm managing social media and PR at my current job. So I could tie it into my resesarch
  6. Well please keep this thread posted when you hear back from schools! Still haven't heard back from Emory and I'm eager to know if anyone else has. Good luck to all!
  7. Has anyone heard back from Emory for Anthropology? I keep checking the results page but there are no posts there yet. I'm just dying to know because they should be sending out invites for interviews around now.
  8. Are there any people focusing on interdisciplinary studies in liberal arts? My primary focus is anthropology programs but I am applying to an interdisciplinary program, as well. I would love some advice on approaching my SOP. The program's website states that I must demonstrate how my area of interest must be accomplished through an interdisciplinary approach. Any advice?
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