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  1. I went 10 years ago. wow I feel old.
  2. " maybe you can make it work for you" is what I meant
  3. ((hugs for joro)). I'm sorry things are rough. I had a tough semester too but I do feel I'm in the right place. I would give it at least another semester. as you saw, alot can happen in a semester and the first one is all about adjustment. There must still be some good things about the program and make it work for you.
  4. I'm a first year graduate student in the social sciences. Last semester, I ended up pissing off a professor (with good reason I know) for turning in a final late- instead of asking for an extension. I am non traditional and while I've taken classes since undergrad, they have mostly been quantitative or research based. Writing a paper/ the final (this is a breadth course) took me about 10x as long as it used to and my writing skills are so rusty it's painful. By the time I realized this, I felt it was too late to ask for an extension and I was embarrassed and not thinking clearly. Luckily, my w
  5. yeah, at least you are not me. I almost failed out my first semester because I was late turning in a final and the prof (not in my exact discipline) was upset. My advisor intervened and I did pretty well on the final so I ended up with a B ( one C gets you kicked out here). I had also done poorly on a paper for this class. My advisor is disappointed in me. At least I did well in my other classes.
  6. I just bought a school hoodie. mostly because I was very very cold that day (I'm from a warmer climate and still adjusting to what to wear) and it was on sale. but I think its fine.
  7. do you consider 3.3 low? if so, then me. my gre may have balanced it out but I had some bad grades on that transcript.
  8. I think he still hates me. actually he has adjusted pretty well and he used to get allergies and doesn't in the new city. I would never have left him behind but travelling with him took the cake. We flew and the worst part was taking him out of the carrier and holding him in my arms as I walked thru security at 5am. I didn't realize you have to take them out! Luckily my kitty is super docile but it could have been a disaster. I don't know if this will make you all feel better or worse but the first year of grad school beats everything on this list hands down. Applying and waiting were ju
  9. no contest 1. moving where you got in - moved cross country where I know no one w/ only two suitcases & a cat, had to work full time up until the day before the move. 2. Preparing to apply (but im nontraditional, working full time in a different field so this was a career change that took a lot of time & effort) 3. sending in the applications, 4. waiting for replies, 5. deciding where to go
  10. I have been working toward the goal of being in a PhD program for years but now that I'm finally here, I feel disappointed. I'm very satisfied with my choice of adviser, my cohort and the program in general. I guess I just expected to feel a bit happier in my day to day life. I knew first year optimism would burst at some point but I didn't expect this so soon. I am already feeling pressure to publish. I am grateful for the push my program provides but I can't help feeling like I'm already behind. Classes, although touted as unimportant, take up a significant amount of time and energy and m
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