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  1. Just admitted off the Penn waitlist. I'll most likely accept the offer. Good luck to everyone else - this way my first acceptance and the agony of waiting was worth it.
  2. Any decisions being made about Stanford or Penn?
  3. I was also just waitlisted. I'm on two waitlists now so I hope one works out.
  4. Being wait listed, I'm curious - anyone considering turning down the offer?
  5. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to any of those questions.
  6. Yes. I was told a day or two before my interview that I would be interviewing with two faculty members with similar interests (both mentioned in my statement of purpose).
  7. Yes. I should probably clarify after looking at the original email again and say that they wanted to schedule my interview during this period. It's entirely possible that these dates are not universal.
  8. Interview period: today - February 9th.
  9. I received my scores from the October testing in the mail yesterday. While I did fine, it says that I omitted 45 questions which is absolutely false (and a huge portion of the test). I'm requesting that they hand rescore it.
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