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  1. Ha! If that was at "my" school, I can GUARANTEE they loved you for it!
  2. As a Fellow UCI English undergraduate degree-holder whose life and work continues to be influenced by several of the professors you mentioned above, I applaud everything you say here. I wrote an irritated post a few days ago and (thankfully for all) deleted it. I feel obligated to add, however, that as well as the usual cast of beloved Irvine English professors I am tempted to babble on about, I have to put in a quick word of appreciation for my undergraduate classmates. I only wish it were decorous to name my many classmates who are currently thriving in or weighing multiple offers from "top
  3. Last year decision statuses took quite a long time to change. The process of notifying admits and wait-listees, however, is pretty clear cut. Congratulations to any and all admits though, and good luck to wait-listees!
  4. Hopefully most of you know this already, but just in case: http://houseoffame.blogspot.com/
  5. This, at least is true (but there is nightlife enough in proximate cities). Regardless, sorry to hear about the rejection, and good luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. Rutgers is pretty consistent, and pretty transparent . Last year notifications started going out Friday, February 19th (no idea if they all happened that night). On the department website, on the events calendar, you can find this gem, all nice and public: http://english.rutgers.edu/events/details/330-final-graduate-admissions-committee-meeting.html so, looks to be on track! In my experience last year, it was a phone call, and, unique among my acceptances, went to my home phone, not the cell. Normal cohort size in recent years has been 10-15 students. Hope that helps, and good luck to all!
  7. Congratulations to those of you you have been admitted! From what I have been told, Berkeley doesn't actually admit any more students than your average large English department. Like many features of the Berkeley English website, the "40-45" admits they cite is likely a little out of date. I believe that last year they contacted non-fellowship admits the day after calling fellowship nominees - so there was a delay, but it was a fairly negligible one. Practices can sometimes change though!
  8. Congratulations on your admission/wait list offer! Buffalo these days is tending toward a policy of privileging PhD applicants who already hold an MA, who have a sufficiently focused project to complete the program within the timeframe they are guaranteed funding. Another school might look at your application in terms of its potential rather than its articulation of a clear focus, and admit you straight away to their PhD program - it's all a matter of what each program is looking for. From what I understand, although progression from Buffalo's MA to PhD track can sometimes be competitive for t
  9. I think it's pretty darn rare, though not, apparently, impossible, especially for programs that notify by email. From what I can remember, last year I had 0/7 weekend admissions notifications. May have had some weekend rejection emails, but I don't remember, and I really don't think so. One admissions call was definitely a Friday night though! Good luck with the waiting, and I hope you are able to get some work done! This sure is a hard time of year for that!
  10. Quick note - the admission notice on the results page for this year is not a fluke or a fake. A friend of mine (who I don't think uses this site) was admitted yesterday as well! Congratulations both to her, to the results page poster, and to any other Berkeley Comparative Literature admits!
  11. All the anecdotal evidence in my possession suggests that this would not be grounds for unannounced disqualification. If they need the transcripts to make their decision, they will most likely let you know. Certainly, they can make a decision to admit you with an unofficial transcript only - technically, they should only need the official one to actually register you in the program, etc. Only thing I can think of is perhaps it might be necessary for consideration for special fellowships, but again, I can't imagine that they would not contact you if there were any reason they needed to have the
  12. You are right - I was looking for "in waves" and came up with the wrong term. My apologies. This was also true for me as well - my point, just to clarify, is that 1) my admissions with uncommon fellowships didn't necessarily happen in mid January (one was either LATE February or early March), 2) I can think of examples both from my personal experience and from the experiences of my friends where the main body of admitted students was contacted a day or two after the fellowship nominees (this is not necessarily universal, but it is pretty common for all admissions notices to go out the
  13. This isn't necessarily true. Except for a few schools that notify fellowship recipients a day or so earlier than their other admits, and the rare schools that do rolling admits (UVA, UNC Chapel Hill, others?) the norm is to notify everyone at once. If they do snail mail notifications, which is rare, the spacing might look odd, but the letters are probably all sent at once. Most of the time, if you get in in January, or the first week of February, it just means you got into a school that notifies early, and it's nothing to do with being a higher pick than other people who got into the same scho
  14. I have no idea about Wisconsin, but Northwestern had a relatively early application due date (December 1?). Honestly, most schools don't do anything more than collect and organize applications before everyone reconvenes for the first week of Spring semester - which is to say, most admissions committees probably started their real work this week. (For all those schools with December 15th deadlines, here's what happens. Your applications arrive. Maybe they're collected and sorted, checked for completion. The professors give final exams, grade papers and then go home for the holidays. The profess
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