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  1. It's hard to say. The best thing would be to be proactive. It's unusual that departments hire internally (that is the word on the street, anyway) - I suppose the theory runs something like, "Why pay for the milk when we can have the cow for free?" CC jobs are focused around students and teaching; they don't care so much about research. Hopefully you have a solid teaching portfolio. Again, I'd recommend going to the Chronicle of Higher Education. There are many posts there that will help you chart your next move.
  2. I do want to clarify - although I do not think I suggested otherwise - my post in light of this observation. I do terribly enjoy teaching at CCs for precisely this initial reason. It's incredibly rewarding work. I teach a lot of remedial courses, so I certainly have first-hand experience here. The only reason why it might become purgatory is if you're an adjunct - and I would extend that to liberal arts colleges and research universities as well. There simply isn't an escape. Maybe this isn't the case elsewhere, but it certainly is in my area, even with a plethora of local colleges (CCs, "t
  3. I agree with Lioness. One of my letter writers volunteered one or two sentences (I didn't ask to see it), which was very overwhelming. I couldn't imagine reading the whole letter. In any case, the letters are not written for me to read; it's simply not my place to put someone who has done such a gracious thing as write me recommendations in an awkward spot.
  4. I seem to have been thinking about the Young Writers Conference - I apologize for any confusion, but it has been awhile since I've been in high school, and that was the last place I remember hearing about Bread Loaf.
  5. Honestly, the people who will actually have an answer for you are your faculty advisors - ask your letter writers for advice. Most faculty can't keep their mouths shut when it comes to dishing opinions, and they certainly know more than we. I've heard of Bread Loaf, and considered it prestigious for a high schooler or undergrad to attend - I had no idea that it had a graduate component. I wouldn't worry, perhaps, so much about prestige, but rather about fit, and what you can accomplish there. What faculty teach there? What opportunities are there for you and your specific project? If i
  6. Wait! Don't do it! You may find your mind changes again (I know I frequently waiver) and there's no reason to create a situation where you'll beat yourself up. Don't decide until A.) You've received all offers/rejections (baring waitlist purgatory, I suppose) and B.) You've had a chance to visit campuses. You might find that after these two things have happened, you feel very differently about the situation. Even if you're *sure* you want to go to school A, I promise that waiting will at the least have a completely neutral effect but may actually be beneficial. At the least, you can
  7. For some CC jobs, all one needs is an AA (a BA will not cut it) (I assume this holds true for trade positions exclusively, rather than more traditional academic fields), but for Poli Sci positions, I assume an MA or higher is desired. Depending on where you are, CC jobs are almost as competitive as 4 year college positions, hence the need for a higher degree. Undoubtedly, you can get a job. However, most likely you'll be trapped in adjunct hell, and you need a PhD to escape that, in this day and age. I live in a very rural, undesirable area, and know that this is a requirement for full time
  8. Please tell me you study Flarf Congratulations to you both!
  9. Guys, the poster might be a spammer. I think your argument might be over nothing. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. For one, that TOEFL score makes no sense. Perhaps Howard Stern?
  10. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. The bolded part is what really gets me riled up - because it's so often the case. I also find it discouraging and confusing that the woman who chooses her career over her family be seen as taking a lesser path - perhaps her career, her publications are just as fulfilling, just as significant as another woman's family? Sure, maybe one woman cannot imagine her life without her husband/children, but why can't she imagine that everyone may not feel that way? I particularly like this article by Emily Toth/Ms. Mentor: "He Doesn't Like the Midwest" on the Ch
  11. No worries - but there is a search function Personally, I wouldn't email them - schools are absolutely swamped with applications and I imagine they don't want to answer emails of this sort, unless you're concerned your file is incomplete and want to check on that. Patience (Trust me, I know it's hard.) Don't freak out yet - it's possible your schools notify in waves. That would be a trend worth investigating. Perhaps you're on the waitlist, or will be accepted soon. Nothing's done until they notify you. Good luck!
  12. What she said. It's a big decision, and this is an excellent way (IMO) to help you reach that conclusion. Also, depending on why you're "losing your mind," you may also want to see your school's counseling center. And the careers guidance office, to help you plot alternatives to finishing your degree/help you see other possibilities outside of academe. Good luck
  13. What a pain in the ass, though! Sheesh. I wonder if they troll these boards and decided, "Hey, the anxiety level isn't NEARLY what it *could* be - let's see what we can do..." (Paranoid and hyperbolic of me, to be sure, but isn't that what the season calls for?) Good luck
  14. Have you emailed the grad secretary? Temple had a similar glitch - I swear they changed the due date on one page to 15 days earlier, but in any case had two very different due dates on the general grad website and even within the English Department website. All it took was an email to clarify. Gawd knows we have enough nerves at this time of the year - it might help to contact them.
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