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  1. I'm in a similar situation. I'll be going to UCSB for the Psych PhD program, and I was thinking the same thing regarding housing. I'm pretty sure that I'll go with San Clemente for at least the first year, just to get settled and meet some people. SB is obviously really expensive, and like you, I'd be coming from far away (Florida), with no furniture and without knowing anyone. I think that the grad student housing is probably the best way to go in terms of price and meeting other graduate students. I'd be curious to hear what you decide, as it'd be nice to meet other people in the same boat .
  2. Congrats! I just got the same letter.
  3. I don't see anything wrong at all with emailing your POI. As long as you're sincerely asking for ways to improve your application, rather than suggesting they should reconsider, I actually think it's a good thing to do.
  4. I went through the same process. It started by saying "No decision" through mid-January and then "action-dept decision pending." Less than two weeks ago, I was notified by the department (Psychology) of my acceptance via phone. Only a couple of days ago was my status changed to "Admitted." I think all departments at Tech probably go through the same general stages but just at different times. Your change in status hopefully means you'll be hearing a decision soon. Good luck!
  5. I am in a similar position: I have been invited to two recruitment weekends (expenses paid for both). I was definitely accepted to one of them. For the other one (my top choice), I was contacted by my POI very early in the application process and everything indicated that I would be accepted - but I haven't been officially. My POI made it sound like the recruitment weekend was basically to do just that, recruit me - show me the campus, the lab, meet students, etc. I think it just depends on the school. I would say, however, that it seems like there is a reason why schools call it a "recruitment" versus "interview" day/weekend. From what I've heard, recruitment means you are in or will likely be, and interview means, obviously, that you are being considered and they are still making cuts. It also can't be a bad sign that they are paying for expenses. I haven't had any "interview" visits, so I don't know if those are often paid for by the department. Anyway, I hope that helps.
  6. I agree - I should point out that I was informed of my acceptance directly from my POI after a phone interview (not by the department via email or USPS). He said that I will recieve something official in the mail, so they may not have sent out official acceptance letters yet. Other professors might be contacting students at different times (I was told Tuesday of last week), so I definitely wouldn't give up hope.
  7. Earlier in this thread, a couple people (including me) said that they were accepted to the Psych Studies in Education PhD, if that helps.
  8. UCLA is probably my second choice. The Cognitive Psych program at UCSB is my top choice, and they invited me to their recruitment weekend. My POI at UCLA didn't say anything about a visit, but I might try to setup something while I'm already in CA for UCSB.
  9. Thanks! And sure - GRE: 670V/700Q/4.5AW, 3.8 GPA undergrad, 3.9 GPA master's, 3 years experience, a couple of pubs in preparation (including master's thesis), strong LORs
  10. Another update: I was accepted today during the phone interview
  11. I applied to the Psych Studies in Education PhD at UCLA and was accepted today during a phone interview I also applied to the Cognitive Studies in Education PhD at TC Columbia but haven't heard anything from them yet.
  12. Update: I just got an email from my POI for the Psychological Studies in Education PhD program to setup an informal phone interview.
  13. I applied to the Cognitive Studies in Education PhD.
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