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  1. This is very early in the day since IAMCR abstract submission is still on. But if accepted, this will be my first conference presentation and that too an international one.. (My advisor says that the acceptance rate is almost 80%) Is anyone else also hoping to attend from the US? Or has anyone attended the conference last year and has any suggestions? I am little wary of staying in hostels, so any tips on lodging in Dublin, Ireland are also welcome. Any info will help me plan ahead and keep a cool head during the hectic semester.. Thank you very much!!
  2. Hi Karthich, I am also heading to the US this fall and received my I-20 some weeks back. It does have mention of both - break up of college expenses and student's means of support. My suggestion to you is: Why not show both the sources of income in your visa interview. It will only make your case stronger. Also, be truthful in your interview and tell them you applied for the bank loan later. All the best!
  3. The admission has been offered to me by the journalism/mass comm dept. Their degree is offered as media studies Phd. Do you know any other information I should be aware of, Jcantrone .
  4. Thank you for replying, Studymom. You've covered everything I wanted to know about U Florida. I had a great offer, but finally decided on CU Boulder due to a better research fit. Really appreciate your help! Hey jmacnomad, I see you've made your decision too! Congratulations and good luck...
  5. Hi seasonal, This was going to happen. I will be attending CU Boulder's media studies PhD program this fall and have been assured that the decision will not affect my studies or 4-year funding
  6. Thank you very much Xero735! Your advice has helped cut through the haze a lot. I went through all the faculty profiles of both the universities again. The last few days have been so nreve-wracking, all rational thinking has gone out of the window. I really appreciate your help.. tragicomix, thank you for providing a different perspective. It's finally the end goal=job that matters. I like teaching but am open to working in the industry as well. Will keep that in mind during my research on the prof. Thanks!
  7. Your advisor practically launches your career. Hence, I assume that your dissertation chair's reputation does play a big role in your first break. Here, how important are the number of publications to a professor's credit? And, what if a professor is more of a field person rather than an academician.. As Friday draws close, my thinking is getting more muddled. Please help.
  8. I second that! I was almost done with my decision of choosing between two schools by April when school no 2 came up with a revised offer. They doubled the funding! So, while I hate to think about the person on the waitlist at both these schools, it's prudent for me to wait and watch and not take a hasty step till April 15.
  9. That's very helpful, thanks Bimmerman! I think I've made my decision but will be sleeping over it for a day or two. Goodluck to everybody going through this difficult process.
  10. Thank you for helping us out Bimmerman and SLP-Allie! I come from a city where average temperature is around 100F so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for being in a cold place. Apart from weather, are there enough eating options for a vegetarian in Boulder-Denver? Also, I've been told that staying in grad housing is better for international students in their first year. What do you think..
  11. Hey kayrlis, It's good to hear from more people considering CU Boulder. I look forward to hearing your second impression about the place. Have a great trip and good luck with your decision!
  12. 15 more days of madness. I hope everything works out for you!
  13. Thank you for the suggestions! After some frank talking, I've come to understand that funding depends on budget and performance in both these schools. And like you mentioned, Florida doesn't cover the 4th year. Ah well, decision time ! Which school are you headed for? I hope you hear about the funding soon.. Good luck!!
  14. Thank you so much jmacnomad!! I had placement figures from random reports till now, but will check with the universities for exact data. Also, both the links auggested by you have amazing comparison charts. It's a big help in making my choice I had one more question about funding and would really appreciate your view. Both the universities don't give a commitment on renewal of assistantship every year. I understand that it's all based on review of a candidate's performance, but is this normal practice? Can the university ever back out of it citing budget issues? Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I've been accepted to mass comm PHD programs, am confused as hell and would really appreciate any guidance. One is CU Boulder (with 15k stipend) and another is UF (with 8K stipend). I've compared weather, quality of life and other aspects. Colorado seems to be a better choice considering the money and professor fit, but I've been told UF is a relatively larger university with better placement opportunities. I'm an international student who will be joining directly in August and all college research I can do is over the net. This is why, I want to be doubly sure before making my decision. Please share any information which you think may help me decide. Thx!
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