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  1. Same for me with Georgetown, and I am also sure they are rejection letters.
  2. Mind sending me a PM? And hmmm .... Mine said nothing of the sort. Maybe maybe that's good?!
  3. Did it explicitly say no funding? Mine said nothing about money ... Maybe that's a good thing?!
  4. Weird. I'm still waiting to hear from the graduate office. I wonder what the hold up is *worrywart attack!*
  5. Has anyone gotten their official acceptance letter from WUSTL yet?
  6. Out at Harvard. Got a letter in the mail, quite classy, actually. Kind of glad not to have been accepted, actually!
  7. Good idea. I think I'd need to lose about 40 pounds first. So, not happening.
  8. No, probably not I suppose the other option is to tutor French. A LOT of it.
  9. George Washington, in DC. Of course it also has to be in one of the country's most expensive areas.
  10. Hey everyone, So I just got into my dream program. Except, they were not able to offer me funding. Do you have any ideas about where to begin looking for fellowships/grants for a political science PhD candidate? Help, I am a bit desperate. Thanks!
  11. I think they should require people to be check for aneurysms before applying to any of these programs.
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