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    davolicious reacted to nwebb22 in "Pleaseeeee decline your offer!! I'm waitlisted! :( "   
    This kind of statement bothers me. I have seen it on many forums, not just this one.

    Why would you ask someone to rush their own process, just to suit your needs? You were wait-listed for a reason. That reason being that you were not good enough to be offered the first time around. So don't take your frustration out on those that were initially accepted. If you've been accepted somewhere, you probably understand the feeling that you would like plenty of time to make your decision. Those that have been accepted deserve to have all of the allotted time to make their decision. You would demand the same, don't act like you wouldn't.

    In my opinion, it is extremely selfish and unprofessional to partake in such behavior. Wait your turn; it is a wait-list, after all.

    Just my two cents. Carry on.
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    davolicious reacted to A_Murphy in State College, PA   
    I got my first acceptance from Penn State and I've got to say that I don't see how any of the other schools can beat their offer. The "tiny program on a huge campus" setting sounds perfect to me.

    They're paying to fly me out to visit the campus in about a month, and I was glad to find out that my wife is welcome to attend (though we have to fly her at our expense, obviously). So, it sounds like they're pretty family friendly in that respect. During the visit I'm supposed to have a few opportunities to hang out with the current students, so if I get any good tips on housing for "the marrieds" I'll post it here.
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    davolicious reacted to going crazy in Ohio State Funding   
    Not silly at all. It's a big decision! My wife and I are doing the same.
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    davolicious got a reaction from direshark in Harvard vs. Princeton   
    One definite con for both programs is that I'm not attending either. Of course, that probably doesn't help you decide between the two, but since you asked...
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    davolicious reacted to raque in Acceptances   
    Penn St.'s visit is the weekend of March 26. Good luck with your phone call!

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    davolicious reacted to socme123 in Acceptances   
    Disappointing about the top 3 choices, but congrats on all your other acceptances!
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    davolicious reacted to davolicious in Top 10 movies   
    I'm sure I'm going to botch this list, but I'd probably say my favorites are:

    1. Field of Dreams
    2. Cyrano De Bergerac (1990)
    3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    4. Star Wars Original Trilogy
    5. Fiddler on the Roof
    6. Life is Beautiful
    7. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    8. Seven Samurai
    9. The Magnificent Seven
    10. The Great Escape

    Honorable Mentions: Jurassic Park, Casablanca, The Man Who Knew Too Little, and anything with Cary Grant
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    davolicious got a reaction from Takky in Multiple Offers - How to Handle?   
    A lot of it depends upon your situation. For example, I'm married with two children, and so in addition to the quality of the school itself, and it's fit with my interests, I also have to look at the cost of living, quality of elementary schools (which is still a couple of years away for my kids), and other community considerations. If family is important to you, how difficult will it be to visit your family? How readily available is public transportation, or parking? Another important question regards funding competition. Of of my undergrad professors tells horror stories about her graduate experience, at a school where funding was extremely competitive among students. They would hide each others textbooks, delete or alter files, and otherwise harass each other. That can be something to look at.

    For single people, especially those with external financial support, many of these issues may not be important, so the decision may be easier. So far, I've been accepted at all but one of the schools that I've applied to, and I'm seriously weighing each of them (except for my undergraduate institution, I'm going to let them know pretty soon that I won't be coming here). I do think it's very important that once you have made your decision to not attend a certain school or schools, that you inform them promptly so that, as you said, they don't waste time and resources.

    Those are just my thoughts, those of others may be more relevant or helpful, so hopefully others will post too.
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