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  1. In the end, I was accepted at CUNY Graduate Center. There is also another woman of over 50 in my incoming class of 7. There are good people out there who will take you seriously. It is important to write and ask politely for 20 minutes of their time before you apply. But this is true for any application.
  2. I switched to the French PH>D program after speaking with their head of dept and I'm in the French department. Proust is still on the table!
  3. In the end i switched my Comp lit application to a French PH.D in the CUNY system. (Some programs will let you do this if your primary language of study is offered. In the end, I'll take many of the same class options as there is a Comparative studies program with in my department. Langage programs are far less crowded. Not for everyone ,but a good option to consider.
  4. Are you allowed to teach when you enter the MALS program? Do they offer you assistance in placement in CUNY system?
  5. I did get into CUNY...for French PH.D, my classmate will attend Yale for Spanish. We both our achieved acceptance into our first first choices...
  6. A follow up about what happened in the LSMA Modern European studies fallout. I was accepted to CUNY Graduate Center for French PH.D, which was my first choice. My classmate, (we were only three or four entering), was offered full scholarships at five top colleges for a PH.D in Spanish. She chose Yale. In this program the courses are designed to spread over two years. I was able to work across disciplines in a narrow field of study. My certificate simply says MA. Recently, some LSMA programs are folding into Institutes, but I liked my very small cohort and I was able to forge strong connections with Professors and had plenty of attention from the Deans. The fees came out to about 63K. I do not regret any of it, I'd never have missed it for the world.
  7. Since I began this thread I thought it only fair to share my experience. I have been accepted for a PH.D, very late at the end of May ,but accepted. My friend who is also in her mid-fifties was also accepted into the program. This is through the CUNY Graduate Center. The path that lead to this acceptance for me was an early contact with the program and a good visit before I applied. I also had to drop an application in a different dept to apply . Like most colleges you may not apply to two programs simultaneously. So after five rejections I wrote and asked if they would consider a late application and they agreed. This made my 6th choice a seventh if you will. I revised my SOP, sent in a different paper and held my breath. They had already offered most of the places, but I think my determination paid off. Money might be slight this year, but next year they promised to find me a better package. I'm thrilled by the outcome. I'll find the money for this year and after the cost of my IVY Masters it seems very reasonable. Goodluck and give it a shot if you think you can handle the grueling process. As to ageism, I think one program didn't even look at my application. They forgot they had it.... My friend attended Hunters and entered through the pathway inside the institution.
  8. kickpushcoast : Thank you This is very helpful and appreciated. your response might be something that those who are working in Liberal Studies degrees might want to take on board. I know I'll be looking very carefully at my have done list and thinking about what I need to do.
  9. Anyone having concentration problems while waitng? I just can't stop checking...

  10. Dear troubled MA..., I can only tell you what I might do. First, you must make peace. Go eat humble pie and say it is stress and you are sorry about being so defensive about your project. A. In the mean time...go to a professor with whom you have a good relationship and ask politely if they will take you on. if yes... Second, suggest politely that since you have annoyed him /her you might find another adviser for a fresh start in the time remaining . If the professor wouldn't mind. blah blah be nice.... B. Inform new adviser and do paper work necessary... Third, if A fails, kiss butt and cut your thesis. You can rewrite it later. Get your grade and leave with great recommendations and a sort of bar brawl hand shake, ..we fought and then bonded....Thank him /her for opening your eyes. You needed the shake up. If he /she hates you after the first apology then beg your head of department for forgivenss and assistance. I guess you thought of all this, but it might help to hear it laid out... best Marguerite
  11. Yes, I am in the LSMA, Modern European Studies, but my undergraduate degree is in English and Comp lit from columbia too. My adviser is the director of Comparative lit institute. I wish I could tell you something. Did you say that you wanted to be in that part of the program on the application? I can say that my adviser canceled his office hours yesterday...maybe he's looking at that application right now. Good luck.
  12. I had an email that said the process could even go into June, but nothing more explicit.It is really nerve wracking.
  13. Just wondering who is still waiting to hear something? Anyone have any insight into this process?
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