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    Hello! I'm surprised that there are just 3 lonesome posts in the USC thread...expected to find a decent number, especially after knowing that lots of people have made it there this Fall..anyways, I'm off to USC for the Master of Building Science program (Architecture)
  2. Then you might want to call them up and find out, in case you've already emailed them and got no response, because from these forums it seems like quite a few M.Arch 3 yr people have already heard from UCLA, and yes, their deposit deadline is the 15th of April, as far as my knowledge goes. You could search the gradcafe survey index (results) for further information on the dates of acceptance etc.
  3. Did you apply for the post prof (2 yr) M.arch or the 3 yr one? If the former, then UCLA is yet to respond to ANYONE it seems! It'll take them another week or so...
  4. I'm not too sure about M.Arch I, because I've seen quite a few people on Gradcafe who've received their decisions...so yours just might be on the way! As for emailing, I did that too and got no response. I am to believe that they're sending out the M.Arch II decisions by the end of the first week of April.
  5. Hi! Has any post professional masters applicant (M.Arch II- 2yrs) heard from UCLA AUD yet? March comes to an end, and there's still no sign from them. If you've had any communications- --phone calls, emails--- with the dept. earlier that might help to soothe the anxious nerves, then please leave a post. Thanks!
  6. I got my decision (a sad rejection) around 2 weeks back. You might want to call them up (yes, make that international call..) or try emailing them first. They do NOT send you an official decision via email. So keep logging onto your ET UID system and check. And as far as I know, their open house is over (last week) so you should've heard from them by now.
  7. Wow! Finally somebody responded! I was beginning to think that if no one applied to these courses then why am I not getting an easy admit! I'm yet to hear from UCLA...but I've more or less settled for USC as of now...they're offering a very lucrative scholarship.
  8. Its the same webpage...the application log in/status webpage. Once USC makes a decision, you will see a status check/ decision letter link at the bottom of the page that appears on logging in.
  9. On mailing them they said they will start sending postal notifications by early April. The admission decision will be posted on the Application status website also, as soon as a decision on your case has been taken.
  10. I got a reply from Cornell's Admissions Office this morning notifying me of the same. Wait listed there too! God knows how many people they are putting on the wait-list...Grad cafe and Cyburbia already seem to have a billion people who say they're on the Cornell waitlist...whichever program it is!
  11. Um..from India? Well I've emailed her, so if she doesn't respond by tomorrow (AND if I can hold on to my curiousity for that long) then I guess I will try the international call...
  12. Just got an invite to Cornell's Open House...it's thrown me into utter confusion, because I haven't heard from them regarding my admission status yet! Could anyone tell me whats happening? Do they send invites to everyone irrespective of admittance?
  13. Saw a different message today on logging into UT Austin's Application Status Page...rejected. * Sobs* Still waiting to hear from 3 schools..not a rosy picture at all!
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