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  1. I only applied to one UK school this cycle and can tell you that the process was much, much easier than the US applications I did. The only challenging part for some might be having to specifically define one's research topic and submit a short proposal detailing it. Once you determine which possible faculty members you might want to work with send an email introducing your topic and see how they react. If they are interested they will help direct you through the application process, in addition to advising about funding opportunities. Good luck on your apps!
  2. I did my MA at the University of Amsterdam. It cost half as much as any program in the U.S. and was a great year. I highly recommend looking into programs in the Netherlands. I missed the funding deadline when I applied; however, most of the folks in my program got their MA funded (tuition + housing +1000 euro/month stipend). They have over 100 English language programs and many research PhD options. I think their deadline is in April and they do not require GRE's and some departments don't even have application fees. Plus, the language barrier is softened by the fact that most Dutch speak fantastic English. On another note, many of the doctoral programs have 'open' calls for PhD projects; therefore, you can pitch your own research project versus working on a predetermined one. I applied to PhD programs in the US and abroad this year and haven't decided which way to go yet. Most of the European programs are still accepting applications so I don't expect to hear final decisions for awhile. Ahhhh!
  3. This is one of my favorite rejections: "Because different departments and graduate schools look for different kinds of preparation in an applicant's background, another graduate school may very well view your application favorably." The other classic rejection came without letter or email. When I Iogged into the site, it simply said: DENIED.
  4. For me, I can honestly say that it does sting more to be admitted without funding than to be rejected. I only put in one PhD application last year and was admitted without funding. Granted, it was an overseas program but it was a real stinker not to be able to attend. If you get rejected the door is closed. With an acceptance (non-funded) it creates all of the 'what if' scenarios. Due to budget cuts, it looks like a lot of schools are finalizing their funding after admitting students. People who are waitlisted for funding will probably move up the line as others decline program offers. Here's to hoping money trickles our way...
  5. I ran into the same thing with Texas. For all practical purposes I should be considered a 'Texas resident'. I have a TX driver's license, voter registration, and have maintained a professional license there for around 5 years; however, because I was living overseas for the last two years I cannot be considered 'in-state' for tuition purposes. So, apparently, I am without state residency as well.
  6. It looks like you have two very solid choices. Having lived in many 'unsafe' cities I can say that at this point I would pick the smaller, safer, quieter place. It seems like a bonus to work with an advisor that speaks your language and is willing to meet you before. Also, having friends attending the same school can make the experience feel a lot less isolating - at least at the beginning. As far as research interests go sometimes working with someone whose research isn't a perfect match can be really helpful in opening up new ideas or topics. Good luck with the deciding process. I'm sure you can't go wrong with either place.
  7. Both of the schools that have offered me a place say that they are "trying" to find funds for me. One said that it was "very likely" that I would get a TA spot, but the other hasn't said anything yet. Ahhhhh! It seems like a lot of folks are in the same boat and that many schools are making their funding decisions at a later date. I absolutely know that I won't be attending any program without funding as I have too much MA debt, and I really don't want to go through this process again next year. Here's to waiting and thinking about Plan B... *Fingers crossed* I hope everyone hears some good funding news soon!
  8. Before I heard any application decisions, I thought waiting to hear from somebody was the worst thing in the world. Now, I know better. I've gotten in to my top picks, but have not been guaranteed any funding yet. I totally feel like waiting to hear if I will get funding is way worse than waiting to hear decisions. Knowing that I've "gotten in" is enough to allow my mind to fantasize about the possibilities without the real-world reality of a solid offer. Booooo! This sucks! Anyone else stuck in funding limbo?
  9. I imagine that you'll probably have more choices to consider as well when you hear back about your other applications. I applied to schools that many on this forum might consider 'low tier', 'low rank' programs; however, I searched programs based on shared faculty interests. The programs I've gotten into are perfect fits for me professionally and personally, even though they many not be among the better known programs in the field. If I went by the many threads I've read on grad cafe, I'd say that it seems like many on here place way too much emphasis on rank. I think faculty fit and research compatibility are so much more important. After that - funding and location.
  10. My sister was an English major at UVA and loved it. She has nothing but positive things to say about the department, campus, and town; however, everyone's experiences are entirely subjective. I did undergrad in NYC and had to transfer out after the first year due to the high cost of living.
  11. Since applicants are required to submit standardized test scores - why not have departments fill out standardized rejection forms. Check this box for how far the application got in the review process. Check this box to signify application areas that need improvement etc. That way they wouldn't have to write anything....just check, check, check. Done. No letter needed, just check 'rejected' at the top of the form :?
  12. Woo hoo- a communication forum! I haven't heard from any schools yet (applied to 5) and figure most will send out notifications in March. Ugh! Waiting really sucks, especially seeing all of the rejections on the results page. Congrats to everyone that has gotten good news already.
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