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  1. I just received the last of my course reviews for last quarter, and the professor (who I want SO BADLY to be my advisor) was not impressed with my overall performance in the class. She had some nice things to say, but the overall gist was that my final project "had potential"...which I think is a thinly disguised way of saying she hated it... and that I contributed very little to the discussion. Super harsh... question do I rectify this bad first impression? I really want to work with her.
  2. I dont start school 'til the 22nd, and with all the time I've spent waiting, I'm starting to freak out about the first day. Lame, I know... I'll be starting in the a literature Ph.D program. Any advice for the first day? What should I expect in the first day of seminar? I assume we wont just be going over the syllabus like in UG, right? Thanks, guys!
  3. TA Application

    I'm working on my TA application for a writing program course this upcoming fall. Unfortunately, its proving difficult as I have no previous teaching or tutoring experience of any kind to highlight. What other kinds of skills and experinces are literature or writing programs looking for in a TA? Thanks!
  4. It's April 12, and I'm still waiting to hear back from them about my MA application as well. Did you ever hear anything back?