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  1. For MPA2, the accept/decline date was 15th April.
  2. Hi grc, The decision deadline for HKS MPA2 program was 15th April. You will probably hear from HKS admissions office this week as they are pretty strict about not extending the acceptance deadline, I tried, unsuccessfully :-(. All the best
  3. Don't think these figures of 10% or 20% or date of acceptance mean anything. I got the SIPA-MPA offer on 7th March, which I believe was early but still no funding. Yesterday I got offered HKS-MPA2 but that too is without funding so far. So weighing my options now in terms of RoI.
  4. I too got MPA2 offered, seems they sent the MPA2 decisions in bulk last night. Also got Georgetown MPP (within an hour of each other) Now looking frantically for resources/views which would help me compare HKS- MPA2 with SIPA-MPA. Any help would be appreciated. Congratulations to all members who got accepted and All the Best to waitlisted members and those who are yet to get offers.
  5. Hey Siya210, What you got offered, MPP or MPA2?
  6. I don't remember if I didn't see the new admit tab earlier. Or it could be just a normal thing to appear once the admission offers start going out. As for me I applied for MPP (also ticked MPA2-looked like a freebie) and haven't heard anything yet but notice the "new admit" tab (probably because I am looking for it now). Strangely my spark application status has the message: "Thank you for applying to the MPA program at Harvard Kennedy School. We have processed your application, and your file is now complete. Please note that if admitted to Harvard Kennedy School, you will be required to submit official transcript(s). An official transcript is one that is sent directly to HKS from the issuing institution." Whereas I primarily applied for MPP and MPA2 was my second choice. Any views?
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