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  1. I am really worried that being at CIPA . . ie being that much farther away from NYC is going to make it that much more harder to network and find a jobs. Chipembere , I am currently a senior at Uni so I cant come to admitted students day but please let me know your reflections and pose the same questions to them please?
  2. hi guys, I am in a big dilemma. I got admitted to Cornell with 28K aid per year renewable , which means i will have to pay only 6k a semester. But recently I got accepted to Columbia with no aid. Does SIPA's location in new york really open so many doors and opportunities to network that I should pass up my cornell offer? Cornell seems to have a good faculty and classes that I'd like , I am not bothered by its relatively low ranking compared to Columbia since I know its rather young. So in other respects than academics , is Columbia really worth it.
  3. thats great! nothing on this side though . . . i heard they are stinting on funding right?
  4. guys i just called them , the girl told me by the end of march they will let us know.
  5. hi guys i saw a post in the results section that said someone recieved an acceptance to taubman center public policy masters on 23rd. I am yet to hear anything has anyone else heard from them too? just curious!
  6. oh god dude you mean this coming wendesday or thursday? not that i even stand a great chance at the aforementioned places but its going to be a bummer bc my psring break starts on friday!!
  7. dude i am international too but studying in USA right now . . . so i think we could rule out that possibility
  8. oh god! psshh i dont know , is FLAS for american people only? i think i did check the box that says please consider me for aid. TOO MUCH ANXIETY!
  9. sprinkled . . .are you an executive mpa applicant because i have heard nada from fels and i was applyign for the normal mpa. Website says that Exec mpas are the ones who might be interviewed . . idk if their pattern is changing . . getting a bit anxious , can you tell me which program you are shooting for? thanks!
  10. hi , dude do u mean to say you have already heard back from Penn Fels? cuz i applied 2 weeks ago and do they reply that soon?
  11. Hello world I tried using my google skills to find more on these two schools' policy programs -- about post graduation career prospects for some international student who does policy from these schools but I did not have much luck. Does anyone know how good these programs are and how well they are regarded? Especially concerned because going to these schools will put me in the same area where graduates of SIPA and Wagner will lurk for jobs , and I'm concerned that these schools might not be thought of as highly or might not provide the same scope you know.
  12. hey i have the same concern but since preparing for the new GRE its not all that bad and considering you are thinking of public policy I'm sure you are decent at Math. Just make sure to not use princeton review for math. Barrons is really good and kaplans vocab is proving useful Just out of curiosity are you an aggie? because I am! and its not to know some Ag out there is applying to the same programs as me!
  13. hi! im willing to look at yours! if anyone hasnt helped already! someone who got admitted to hks will be lookign at mine to criticize it and they will get back to me soon so i will also be able to give you some pointers from that. pm it to me ! good day!
  14. HI fellow MPA aspirants! I'm working on my SOP too currently for MPA programs. I am a little confused about one thing though I dont know how much I should mention about this one professor that i really admire. i even read this book but i dont want it to sound like a blandishment. This is a bit of it stripped from my sop " Finally,learning from practitioner scholars like Atul Kohli ,who is uniquely poised to adress issues of sustained economic growth in developing countries and whose book Democracy and Disconnect gave me an analytical view of the political dillemmas in development in India radically broadened my intellectual horizon will give me the potential to make a lasting contribution to policies that blah blah . , , " how does this sound -- honest criticism is welcome!
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