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    Jobs for MDivs?

    chaplaincy work at hospital, prison, hospice, agency setting, schools
  2. hello fellow members. I am wondering if anyone has any expereince with Naropa University? I just applied for their M.Div for fall 2012. I am currently at Loyola Chicago doing an MSW. I am not happy here so I applied to Naropa. Any experience or anything at all undergrads or grads in any programs would be great as far as interviews, class size, contemplative education, jobs after, etc. thank you. Namaste.
  3. i woke up late and casually went to check my mail i got a small letter from the university. As i opened it the folded letter flipped up and it said congratulations! in boldness. I smiled hugely and jumped up and down screaming. then i read in their letter that their out of state tuition rate was cheaper than the other school i got into by 50%. 50 F****ing percent less than!!! that saves me so much money! that made me happier and i danced around some more. then i called my family sayig I GOT IN!!!! I felt relieved and noticed how stressed I was for the past 6 months. i read over my admission essay that i killed myself over and said to myself "you worried for nothing! they loved it and that is why you got in!" I then took myself out to lunch and watched a horror film
  4. hello all. i posred about getting off the wailist at UW for their MSW. well, I was accepted at SUNY buffalo for their MSW! their MSW is half the tuition price compared to UW debt: 50 k UW vs 30 k SUNY? I will choose 30 k debt thank you very much. So i sent UW my intent to NOT enroll today. Anyone on the the UW MSW waitlist will take my place!!!! Congrats to whoever gets it!
  5. hello. I was accepted to Uni of Washington and Suny Buffalo for their MSW programs. I have lived in Seattle for a year. SUNY will cost SO MUCH LESS than UW. $ 8,000 a quarter for 6 quarters scares me whereas Suny would only be around $ 25,000 once I get NYS residence. After looking at the programs, SUNY fits better with me. I have visited Buffalo before and have family there. I liked it well enough. I have no family in Seattle. it is expensive here. In terms of prestige, I'm not sure which school is higher. I realize that ranking does not matter much, especially since I will not stay in Seattle after I finish. Yet even still I am leaning towards SUNY and already sent in my intent to enroll. Does anyone have any experience with SUNY MSW program or with UNI of W MSW? I mainly want to save money and not pay ridiculous amounts at UW for the same degree where it is cheaper at SUNY. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. I was waitlisted at UW-seattle for their MSW program on March 21. Got accepted :) off of it on April 21!!!!!! All was in email format. I sent in my updated transcripts and another letter of ref, so I think those helped me out! Sends yours in to help. It never hurts to try. I feel so blessed. NEVER LOSE YOUR HEART OR HOPE!!
  7. good luck! I went to UWF as an undergrad in social work.
  8. i got onto the waitlist at UW-Seattle. I heard they only admitted.waitlisted 40% of their 950 applicants. they only accept around 150 seats for the fall. They did not tell me anything about it being ranked. They said that if get i get rejected I will be notified in September......that is such a long time away. I have another school I applied to so i will secure my spot there if I get in no doubt. I sent UW an email, a hard copy letter of intent expressing my interest and recent endeavors as well as my updated transcripts. hope it helps. and yes, waitlist is so much better than a reject. they would have let us in if there were not other applicants who already filled in the spots. I am mad that they did not have a early admissions because I sent mine in back in october. if they did it by how early someone applies, I might have gotten in and not waitlist. Either way, I am grateful and just hoping that I get in. I don't feel like a failure now that I am on their waitlist we shall be successful <3
  9. The msw program i applied to has an April 1st. Deadline. So I am assuming the april 15th bit does not count towards their program. I am on a waiting list somewhere else so all i can do is wait? the april deadline school said i should know by the end of april if i get in. anyone else have later deadlines?
  10. Black Swan <3 The Fountain <3 Requiem for a Dream <3 The Hours <3 Pan's Labyrinth <3
  11. So here is the deal: Applied: Uni of Washington- MSW 2 yr -WAITLIST Uni at Buffalo- MSW 2 yr -Still waiting So I got an email on march 21 saying that I am wait-listed. No information on ranks or anything. a record number of applicants were in for the fall. 950 to be exact. they only expect to admit around 150 for the day program. I emailed the director and the general admissions, stating my intent to stay on the list. I then sent the admissions office my updated transcripts since October. They will be sent after winter evaluations (March 26) come out ( I go to a nontraditional uni that doesn't use grades). I wrote a hard copy letter stating my intent again with my current research assistantship duties that I have been working on and various academic success stories since Oct when I applied. I said I will wait till July for their offer but am graduating in June. If UB pulls through and I get in, I plan on securing my spot there ASAP. UW says If i am not accepted I will receive a rejection in September! SEPTEMBER!?!? By that time if i do not hear back by late july from them I will already be in Buffalo and starting their program. If I wait till July, I may have an issue with the quarter vs semester timelines, I think fall semester (Buffalo Uni) fall starts in August...? Fall Quarter (seattle UW) starts in late sept. Is there anything I can do but wait? Already sending updated transcripts and letter of intent seems enough? I am honored to even be on their waitlist as they said I am a strong candidate and they would like to admit me if space allows. I have been waiting since October!!! Does the April 15th deadline still apply to quarter based schools? This process is awful and I am very anxious about it. Good thing I still have a quarter left at my school, otherwise I'd go off the deep end. If anyone has any advice or has been waitlisted, please be kind and offer something. Thank you. P.s. This board has saved my brain countless times and I am so grateful to everyone for being so honest. Mantra- We are all worthy of acceptance and beautiful in every way. We are successful.
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