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  1. Hi everyone. I am a fulbright scholar from Pakistan and will be attending Ohio State Uni in Fall 2009. Yes, we were also not permitted to contact universities ourselves during our admission process. This unreasonable policy actually made me to miss out on the best of unis where I had applied (sighs.....) actually i was allowed to apply for 4 unis but a friend of mine was allowed to appy for 5. And unfortunately i have been expemted to attend the orientation ceremony thats gonna be arranged for all the fulbright scholars. I really wanted to attend it but I have no choice. Hence, i will not be able to meet u guys. p.s: i wub be very helpful if everyone could mention their country of origin here...
  2. The rules regarding the driving licence vary from stat to state. Hence, the best source of information would be Automobile Law of a particular state availabe at the department of motor vehicles of any state. But as for the sate of Ohio, your international driving permit is valid for one year after your entry into US. Within this one year, you can get the state driving permit. But in order to get the state's driving permit, u have to forfeit ur IDP.
  3. i am a bit confused about J1 Visa. Can u work on a J1 Visa in US?
  4. I have been looking online for any efficiency style apartments, and those that I earlir found were around $600 per month for rent and utilities. But I dont want to spend such large portion of my stipend on residence alone. Hence, I would really appreciate if you could tell me of a place/area where I can find an efficiency style apartment for around $350 for rent and utilities. I hail from Pakistan and will be attending AED Econ dept. at OSU for my PhD studies. P.S: On a more personal note, may I ask which program you will be attending at OSU and where have you arranged residence for youself?
  5. hello I will be attending OSU coming academic year and my monthly stipend will be $1100 per motnh (i dont know whether tax will be levied or not). I have to manage residence, utilities, food and clothing in it. No insurance premium or books etc. So, if I spend $600 on utilities and rent, would I be able to live within this stipend in Columbus?
  6. afeef745

    Minneapolis, MN

    can u tell us how far St Paul campus is from Minneapolis campus? is it a walking distance? and if yes, how much time shud it take approximately?
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