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  1. LinguistK

    The positives thread

    Probably the best thing I have going for me is that two profs in the department recommended me. One of those will be my adviser if I'm accepted. He really liked me when I took a class with him last quarter, and was happy to recommend me. I'm hoping this counts for a lot, because while my stats aren't terrible...they're not incredible.
  2. I'm going through a similar situation. I am taking classes at the university to which I'm applying. I'm actually taking a class from the prof who would be my adviser next year. It seems that other departments at the school have begun to send out decisions, but my department hasn't. It's extremely nervewracking to have to sit in class, dying to know if the woman teaching me is going to admit me or not. I'm doing my best to wait. It's ridiculously hard though.
  3. LinguistK

    Linguistics 2010!

    I have been barely able to sleep this week and I jump when the phone rings. OSU seems to do a first round of admits in the last days of January. Last year, several people heard on January 29. I'm so SO nervous!
  4. LinguistK

    Linguistics 2010!

    I'm applying too! Only at Ohio State. I'm into dialectology and am hoping to study African American Vernacular English in Columbus and possibly Cleveland.
  5. I decided I want to go to a particular school, and this school only. Since I was being laid off from my job, I decided to just move to the town where said school is, and start taking classes. I took classes this summer, and more this fall. I'm applying to start their PhD program in Fall 2010. I got letters of recommendation from a very well-known prof in the department, as well as a well-respected TA (he's in the last year of finishing his dissertation, and he's a pretty important guy in the department). So...since I have LORs from two people in the department (and one from my previous employer), can I expect to get in? I don't want to get my hopes up and feel like I'm a shoo in, because I really don't want to be disappointed. But I feel like these are some really good LORs. What do you think?
  6. LinguistK

    If I dont get accepted...

    If I don't get in, I am moving to live in the same town as my first choice school and taking classes there and strengthening my app for next year. No, I'm not kidding. I'm that driven/crazy. Maybe I'll take the GRE again, but 1370 is pretty OK with me. I am hoping beyond hope though that I don't have to go through this whole thing again!
  7. LinguistK

    What do you do to relax while waiting?

    I have a 45-hour-a-week job. It takes up a lot of my time. However, when I'm not working, I took up running with my dog. It's tons of fun and it's hard to think about school when my legs are hurting so bad. Then there's the recovery time...the legs also hurt then. So exercise is generally good. I've found myself perusing mapmyride.com to plan my next run or bike ride. That's lots of fun also. Oooh and another thing is browsing zillow and MLS for houses. My fianc
  8. LinguistK

    Dad Chat

    I love this thread! Some very nice stories. I myself have kept my parents 100% in the dark...they don't even know where I've applied. They tend to get critical and down on me without realizing it, so I usually don't tell them about decision I'm mulling over. For example (this happened last year before I actually applied to school and stopped me from applying last year): "Mom, I'm thinking of applying to grad school to study Linguistics." "Honey, do you really think you're smart enough for that? I don't think you'd be very good at grad school." Thanks, Mom. These days it's more like, "I'm getting married on this day. Hope you're there." That way she has no room for her unwelcome comments. The parents and I are very close telephonically but not physically (we're on opposite coasts). However...I've learned to trust myself as opposed to their ridiculous opinions and inappropriate comments. Kudos to all of you with supportive parents though...I'm jealous!
  9. LinguistK

    UC Santa Cruz

    I'm not going to UC Santa Cruz, but I do live in Morgan Hill, which is, as we say here, "over the hill" from Santa Cruz. "The hill" is the Santa Cruz mountain range. As far as living...Santa Cruz is crazy expensive. I moved out to this area from Maryland in June 2007. I have been absolutely, 100% shocked about living expenses in California. I don't mean to scare you at all, but seriously...my parents raised me in a fairly affluent/snobby area (though I'd like to think I'm not snobby and I know I'm not affluent!) and I'm still floored. The average home price in 21044 (my home zip) is $351,500. In 95037 it's $554,500. Just be prepared that not only is rent crazy expensive, but gas, groceries, and everything else is also crazy expensive. There are certainly ways to cut expenses and it's something you'll definitely want to look into. Definitely check out craigslist to find roommates...there are some cute and affordable rooms in Santa Cruz, but don't expect a yard, tons of space, or to be able to have pets. I hope this isn't too pessimistic...I am going for realistic.
  10. LinguistK

    The Ohio State University

    I put all my eggs in Ohio State's basket this year...haven't heard anything yet though. Regardless of whether I get in, though, I'll be in Columbus this summer. Starting to do the whole relocating thing...looking at houses, throwing out all the crap I didn't throw out when I moved from Maryland to California two years ago, checkin' out Columbus, getting my fianc
  11. I got that question a few times and never really answered it well. My favorite is when I launched into a ten-minute discussion (or maybe lecture? I hope not) with my fianc
  12. LinguistK

    Baltimore, MD

    I lived in Mt. Vernon for a while and loved it. The only time I noticed that it was the "gayborhood" was one weekend in July when the Pride festival took place. I love Baltimore more than any other place on earth, though I don't live there now, unfortunately. I was a bike messenger in the city and know it like the back of my hand! As for the area around Hopkins...it's kinda mixed. Northwest of campus is Hampden (pronounced Ham-din), which is the old, proudly white trashy part of the city. Some of the homes in Hampden have been redone though, and those are super cute. Hampden has lots of cute shops and is home to Hon-Fest each year. To the north of campus you have Guilford, which are the old, expensive society homes. To the south is Charles Village (25th St. through 40th St.), which is cute but a little iffy at night. Further south from Charles Village is North Avenue and "Penn North" (Mount Royal Ave. through 25th St. or so). North Avenue is sketchy even during the day, I have to say. Of course, the next neighborhood south of North Ave. is Mt. Vernon (Saratoga St. through Mt. Royal Ave.), which is my favorite part of the city. If I were going to be a student at Hopkins, I, being small and a woman, would probably choose to live within 5 blocks of campus. However, if you want to be near fun nightlife, I would suggest Mt. Vernon. Mt. Vernon has tons of cool bars/pubs/restaurants (Brewer's Art is my fave bar, The Helmand is my fave restaurant, and Nino's Pizza is way more delicious than the price would suggest) and is very close to "downtown." I'd be happy to answer any more questions! I love Baltimore and miss it dearly.

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