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  1. I understand the anxiety. When I was applying I felt like there was so much to think of and juggle in my application; it sometimes felt like a part time job getting all my materials ready. I found it really helpful remind myself that although MSW programs are competitive, relative to other programs they admit a lot of students. Many grad. programs admit something like 5-10 students a year, but your chances for U of T are quite high. Even if you don't get in the first year, if you keep improving (e.g. gaining more experience) and have a strong application it's likely you'll eventually get in, e
  2. I was waitlisted to the 2-year program at U of T when I first applied, and got in this year (for 2013). I changed my written statement significantly from the previous year. As far as I know they don't look at your previous application materials, so they would have no way of knowing your statement is similar or identical. I ended up changing mine because I felt it wasn't up to snuff. If you really like something your wrote, I wouldn't change it just for the sake of changing it. But I would suggest looking at your statement critically, which may or may not result in an overhaul of some areas. It
  3. Jumping in for the first time. I was accepted to U of Ts Two Year MSW but just checked my My File for York and it says "Reviewed - Unsuccessful". I find that a bit strange since last year I was waitlisted at York, with less experiences and, in my opinion, weaker credentials. But perhaps the applicant pool has strengthened significantly, such that my application was relatively weak this year. Anyways, hopefully this spells possible good news for those whose status still says "Decision not made"; it could mean you will be waitlisted or offered admission (and that you haven't been rejected ye
  4. Hey everyone, I've been lurking on here for awhile, but thought I'd chime in. I was waitlisted for both the Toronto and York 2 Year MSWs, and today my myfile status for York changed to "Reviewed - unsuccessful". Not sure of this means I'm now off the waitlist and officially rejected. Anyways, it's ultimately ok, as I've been looking forward to the next application season and 2013 for a few months now (trying to be realistically hopeful, without getting my hopes up too high). Still on Toronto's waitlist, though.
  5. I'm thinking about applying to social work, and am wondering which social work program(s) is/are the best? (And if you could explain what makes a program good/why the one(s) you listed are considered strong, that would be helpful). My 'guess' is that U of T ranks quite highly if not highest? Thanks!
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