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  1. Does anyone have any other opinions? Thanks for your reply, but research is much easier to obtain in Applied rather than Pure Math. I did an REU a few years ago in Applied Math, but my interests have changed to Pure Math. My only research (that involves a paper) is my Masters Thesis. Depending on the program, profs have told me that they don't expect much research done (aside from an undergrad thesis/Masters thesis). Also, some of my friends and PhD students I know have gotten into great PhD programs without too much research experience.
  2. I'm currently doing a Masters in Applied Math, but I am interested in a Pure Math Program considering that most of the classes I have decided to take are concentrated in Analysis and ODEs/PDEs. Would a 3.7-3.75 GPA (a low A- average) give me a chance or make me competitive for a Math PhD Program here in the US or Canada? Combined with that possible GPA, what percentage should one hit on the subject GRE to ideally go to UCSD, Duke, UCI, Texas A&M, etc? Also, if you have applied for a Math PhD Program, how was your experience in applying for programs?
  3. I was wondering: What textbooks have everyone found useful in prepping for the subject GRE? Are there any textbooks particularly helpful in prepping for the subject GRE and if so, which chapters of the texts should be gone through when prepping for the exam? I was thinking of using Stewart to practice Calculus problems and possibly Rudin (or Pugh) for Analysis, but I am not sure which texts to use to prep for Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Abstract Algebra, Discrete Math, Geometry, Numerical Analysis, etc. I will have 4 months to prep for the exam and a month and a half as well (but at t
  4. Would I be able to get into any PhD Program for applied math? Would you please recommend some PhD and/or masters (with funding) programs to apply to? I'll be graduating in Spring 2012 and unfortunately, my undergrad institution only funds for an extra semester, so my only choice is to apply to a PhD program and/or a funded masters program (if I can find a masters program that gives funding) meaning that I don't have an extra year to prepare for PhD admission. Currently, I have a 3.1 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.2 if lower div math classes are included) and a 3.38 overall. M
  5. Would I be able to get into a grad school for applied math? By the time I graduate, I would must likely have a 3.4-3.5 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.5-3.6 if lower div classes are included) and a 3.6 overall. Currently, I have a 3.1 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.2 if lower div math classes are included) and a 3.38 overall. My university is a top 25 undergrad and in the top 50 of math grad schools. Classes I've taken so far: Lower Div: Calculus II A- Calculus III B+ Linear Algebra B Upper Div: Intro to Probability Theory: C Number Theory (Withdre
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