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  1. My calculations were a little off. Revised average rankings: University of Wisconsin, Madison - 9 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - 9.5 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 12.5 North Carolina State - 14 University of Florida - 19 Doesn't change anything, but it bothered me.
  2. Average ranking (US News and World Report, National Research Council) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - 10 University of Wisconsin, Madison - 10.5 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 14 North Carolina State - 14 University of Florida - 20 I should state that I would personally tend to rank UNC higher, as it has traditionally been a research university professor factory. Much moreso than NCSU or Florida. I'd like to know cyberwulf's reasoning behind his selections.
  3. Ok, now I get not applying to Stanford, but I think you sold yourself short by not applying to Berkeley. Obviously you were an attractive candidate! In any case, CMU and Chicago are both excellent schools. I would be ecstatic if I got into CMU (machine learning and data mining is my area of interest).
  4. I'm curious as to why you applied to 22 schools, including such heavy-hitters as Chicago, Harvard, and Washington, and did not apply to Stanford or Berkeley. That seems kind of insane to me.
  5. I realized that I would actually be starting at 28 if I waited a year. Maybe I should bone up on my simple arithmetic before applying to top statistics programs.... Anyway, after some consideration, I agree with what's been said thus far. I think one more year of preparation would trump the difference between entering school at 27 vs. 28.
  6. I was told that attaining your Ph.D. at an age greater than your early 30's will hurt your job chances in academia, at least in the top schools. I'm 25 right now, considering going back for my Ph.D., but I think I might be able to compile a stronger application if I wait until next season to apply. I'm worried, though, about starting a program at the age of 27 and also about my chances of getting accepted by top schools at that age. I would be applying to statistics programs, and I feel like I have a lot of independent research ahead of me, which I may or may not be able to feel good about
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