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    Narrowing down my research interests has been majorly problematic. That is the problem with psychology I find nearly everything somewhat interesting. But for now I think I am interested research pertaining to leadership, gender differences, program efficacy.
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  1. Actually, I agree more with you DarwinAG. But maybe it's just because I am biased or maybe it is just because I am nearly finished and I don't want to have to rewrite a paragraph to fit in "by the way". Thanks all.
  2. So I am just finishing up my SOP but then I realized something I maybe should address, I took a semester off to get treament for an eating disorder almost 3 years ago. Is this really necessary to address this? I am more of a private person and I would prefer to not. I am nearly finished so that is why a fast response would be nice. Thanks
  3. You could also buy a copy of APAs Graduate study in psychology. Cut them down by looking at the ones that actually have funding, some of the information there can be inaccurate but it is a helpful guide. I think the application process is just time consuming in general so even after you pick ten....you're still going to need to devote a significant amount of time just going through the application process. And my opinion is to avoid professional schools typically they are just very expensive.
  4. Yes, University of Kansas and Arizona have excellent programs with research regarding those areas. However, I am intimidated to apply to them because they seem like such fantastic programs. Ah...inferiority complex gotta love them.
  5. I think I have to remind myself that as smart as many of my professors are they are all people full of their biases and preconceived ideas and the application process in general is a "bigger picture". When I think about it I sometimes ask myself "how hard would it be to be on an ad comm committee and choose?" because it seems simple to find applicants with high scores, good match, great SOPs, and a good amount of research experience. But I don't think that is the case, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. I am oversimplifying it. I have a great compelling reason as to why I want to go
  6. So here is my current concern. I have yet to take the GRE however, I have gotten a 154Q and a 156V on the practice test. Maybe I will do better on exam day, or worse. I have a week left to prepare and I am just hoping for the best at this point and taking a practice exam everyday. Granted this is hypothetical, but what if my GRE score is around a 310-315? Is this good enough to get into a PhD program somewhere? I know the application depends on a lot more, but I feel that it is the main part of my application that would be lacking which makes me incredibly self doubting. To me more stellar sco
  7. My plan now is just to be very selective in which masters program I choose, making sure that they are very research focused and focused on preparing students for for going on to get their Phd. The ones I am applying to have full funding. If I don't looking for a lab position would be another option. I am just taking my chances. In the end I think that is all I can really do. But ultimately I see that I have to leave my current location if I want to valuable reserach experience.
  8. The issue is not that I dont know my research interests. Broadly speaking I am sticking to: impression formation, stigma, the self, attitude formation and behavior change. The problem I have at the moment is finding programs that combine these interests with sexual health which is another interest. I have found one person who does research which is the most ideal fit but the rest of their program is VERY heavy on biological factors which is not something I am at all interested in. So I just feel torn as to whether or not I should abandon the sexual health piece of my research interests. Ultima
  9. I am already running a study/coordinating a lab for my former advisor. If I don't get accepted this round, hopefully by the next time I apply I will have a publication to add. I looked into the program at William and Mary, looks very nice fit for me. With a later deadline.
  10. Yes, in between studying for the GRE, and looking up schools that are good fits, I think I can still make the deadlines. Actually, I think December 15th is cutting it close, most of my programs deadlines are around the end of December or Some are even in January and Feb. So even if it is a few programs that are good fits that is better than none. I am doing something research related, if I do not make deadlines, and have to re-apply I will most likely continue with my current project coordinating a lab and the project will hopefully get published. Comments on Masters vs. Phd appreciated.
  11. background: So after I graduated in the spring of 2012 I think my head was spinning slightly. My undergraduate journey was over and I was surprised with myself because I started to question myself if spending 5 more years school was something I could withstand. Although it was something that I had planned on, it still felt daunting. I began to look into other career options. The second best fit (I thought at the time) was occupational therapy (you make money, and you're done with school in about 2 years and I have extensive background working with the disabled). Fast foward to Sept/Oct. I a
  12. Well...I was responding to the OP. Not to people in general. Everyone is entilted to their opinion and we all have our own individual goals. there was a thread similar to this... I agree whole heartedly with this advice. "Every time somebody asks, "Should I (re)take the GRE?" it devolves into a discussion of the GRE's merits or lack thereof. The fact remains that to get in, you have to buy in to the system. For those who doesn't like the GRE, remember this thread in the future when you're sitting on an admission committee, or making admissions policy for your university. Until then, pla
  13. "also look for a few programs that don't require the GRE" I am sorry but what the hell? What reputable programs in neurological/developmental psychology do not require the GRE? It seems to me the the majority of schools that don't are professional schools who seem to exist to make money off of students who are willing to be in tremendous amounts of debt. My advice is take the time. You won't regret it. Get a better score and apply to programs that aren't bottom tier schools.
  14. RIght, thank you all for the responses. The concensus seems to be that I will not know unless I go to the doctor. With substances like adderal, it makes sense that they would not just give it to me without some type of testing. Being a psych major I feel at least informed that it is not really a black and white issue, I believe it is more complex than just "The thing that you keep five things at once in your mind, alone, should suffice for the indication of your brain functioning properly". It can't be said by anyone on the boards here, I am just generally surprised by the response. Hard
  15. I have come to the conclusion that my primary issue with the GRE is maintaining focus and attention. I can do fairly well for awhile, but then after two hours it is like- my brain will just not focus. It is extremely difficult for me to even read the screen. As far as the timed conditions, I think the best strategy is to slowly decrease the time I allow myself to solve twenty problems to the timing of the GRE exam. But as far as long term testing endurance? I am not sure what to do. Learn to meditate? I'm not sure. In my personal life I have had many people ask me if I am ADHD. However, eve
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