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  1. Thanks for all of the advice! Instead of jumping in "full time" (I set a goal to do 8-10 hours of reading each day), perhaps I will "practice" with an abbreviated work goal these last few weeks.
  2. So, through some miracle, I survived the stress of the application process and somehow haggled my way into my top pick school. I have made "the big move" half way across the country and did not go crazy or need butt surgery after the two-day drive. The semester has not officially started, but, after the suggestion of a few professors, I have decided to get a head start reading (I was going to do it anyway). The issue is: I am struggling between the desire to enjoy my last summer (I didn't even feel this way before I got married) and my desire to start the semester strong; I believe my discipli
  3. I'm driving 1200+ miles to my new home(in less than 9 days yay!), and I am only bringing what can fit in my little car, but I have a ton of books, too. So, I am bringing the books that I would need immediately with me (i.e. reference books, criticism, etc), and then I am going to have my in-laws ship the rest of my books to me (slowly- for cost reasons).
  4. I have two really short questions Question: I have registered for my courses-is it too early to request a copy of the syllabus from the instructors? 2nd Question: Is anyone else having recurring nightmares about f*cking up their first days of coursework? Mine are seriously troubling me.
  5. I most definitely updated mine as soon as I accepted my offer. I was too excited not to.
  6. I was offered the same opportunity. I told them to go ahead and submit my application because it sounded like an exteded version of a different program I did last summer (Rutgers REDI program). I have recently emailed them informing them that I am no longer interested-not because it didn't sound like a good program, but because I was accepted eslewhere.
  7. I'm so relieved and so excited...SMU Fall 2012

  8. I have been made an offer!!! I am most definitely accepting.
  9. Am I the only one who has not heard back from Northeastern?
  10. Lol! I called Ms. Guelker, too! She told me the same thing.
  11. I'm no expert, but I would recommend not telling the employer until later. If you tell them now, they may look for a candidate that will be able to maintain a full time status. If you tell the later on, you have the opportunity to make yourself an asset to the company and, thus, make the company more willing to accommodate your changing schedule. If later on they still will not accommodate your shifting schedule, at least you have "real" job experience that would make you more hirable at another company.
  12. I see two rejections on the results forum for the PhD program. I haven't received anything yet, and my status has not changed on the web application portal. (I pray my obsessing and stressing doesn't cause an aneurism)
  13. I called today and Melissa D. told me that adcomm was meeting this week to finalize their decisions for the doctoral program, and that I (we) should hear back this week or the beginning of next week.
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