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  1. Middle Eastern Studies MA

    What about Sabanci University in Istanbul? Great funding for Masters programs and it sounds like it could potentially be a good fit for your interests.
  2. Rosetta Stone?

    It also wouldn't hurt to pick up a few children's books to supplement the grammar books. Once you can read children's books then move on to young adult fiction or short stories, etc. Reading really helps with vocabulary AND it will help you see how the language is actually used outside of a textbook language learning course.
  3. MA Required?

    Samarkand & hopefulJD, I just came across this thread and I am wondering which of the programs you listed are more focused on Republican Turkey rather than the Ottoman Empire?
  4. best US cities without a car

    Lived in Madison WI for five years without a car. Lots of bike paths and bus system is free for students!
  5. Accepting Unfunded Offer to Masters Program

    It's hard to say. I only applied to one Masters program (not in the USA) and received full tuition plus living stipend. Had it not been funded, I would not have been able to accept. That being said, I know the Masters programs in the USA offer less funding. When it really comes down to it there are several things I would take into account: if this is the ideal program for you and your interests, whether you think you would receive a better offer if you apply during the next round of admissions, whether the school offers any teaching assistants or project assistantships that you may apply for once you are already admitted, if you still have loans from undergrad and what the repayment schedule would look like once you add on loans (if you plan to take them out) for your Masters program.
  6. Anyone familiar with Indiana's Central Eurasian Studies Department? Do they offer funding and/or teaching appointments for their Phd students?
  7. What are the pros/cons of studying Turkish Lit in a Near Eastern Dept. vs. studying Turkish Lit (as national lit or core area) in a Comp Lit program? Any thoughts, ideas?
  8. Turkish Language & Literature

    Dear All, Anyone know of any graduate programs (esp. comp lit) strong in the field of Turkish literature? Thanks!
  9. Dear All, Does anyone know of any Comp Lit programs strong in Turkish literature or at least have a prof working in the field? Thanks!