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  1. Hey! I'm applying for ETA in Jordan--just submitted for my online deadline! What a relief to be done with that step! Who else is doing ETA in the Near East/North Africa?
  2. Thanks for your response, samarkand! Yes, I am interested in working on arabic skills and also, most importantly, pursuing research that I am interested in. Believe me, I know what living in Beirut costs, but tuition at AUB is less than half of most universities in the US. I, myself, feel prepared for graduate school--my question about whether or not I am qualified is not in regards to how I feel intellectually, but, rather, if my experience and achievements thus far make me a viable candidate to get into a masters program. I don't intend to say that an MA in MES from AUB would be looked down upon--I know it is a well-respected institution. However, I have taken classes from the program at AUB to which I intend to apply--I love the faculty and what the program has to offer but there really are not that many faculty members or courses to select from. Nevertheless, I am interested in pursuing research in Beirut.
  3. I am interested in pursuing a master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies in Fall 2012, but I'm wondering if A. I am qualified to do so right out of college or if I really need to take a break to gain some experience, B. if I should seek to pursue the MA in the U.S. or in the Middle East, and C. which schools I should consider. Here's a little about myself: I am going into my final year of undergrad joint-majoring in Anthropology and Human Rights with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies. I spent the summer of 2010 interning at an NGO in Beirut and last semester studying abroad at the American University of Beirut. My research interests are diaspora studies, displacement studies, and memory works. I will be writing my senior thesis on the Armenian Diaspora in Beirut. I am fluent in Armenian and advanced-level in both modern standard and Lebanese Arabic. Not immediately but in the near future I plan to pursue a PhD in MES, and I would like to make the most out of the MA I pursue to put me in a good position for this. Regarding research and language development, being in the Middle East would, of course, be the ideal place, especially with regards to my research interests. Cost-wise, I wouldn't be breaking the bank to get the MA at say, AUB, as opposed to any U.S. school (favorites are Columbia and NYU). However, my main concern is really the reputation of a school in the ME versus that of a school in the US--like what if I were to take some time off after MA to work, would my MA from the ME be looked upon favorably or no? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!
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