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  1. Hi All! I would like to enter a M.A. or PhD Rhet/Comp program with some focus on environmental rhetoric. For any of you out there focusing in this area, how did you go about your application process, specifically, creating your school list? I have been reading some theory from the field, but most of the scholars have come from Communication departments. Does that mean I should be looking at Comm. departments instead of Rhet/Comp? I have an English Rhet/Comp. and Political Science undergrad, but no Communication background...I know switching programs is not uncommon but there are aspects of rhet/comp I also enjoy, specifically the focus on pedagogy, as my end goal is to become a professor. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello all! I am in the brainstorming stage of my SOP and have a couple of (possibly silly) initial questions. First, I am applying toRhet./Comp programs, but my research interests are heavily influenced by my concentration in Political Science as well as my study of rhetoric (majored in both). Is it okay to go into some detail on the Political Science front? My concern is that readers will doubt my commitment to English programs. Second, thinking of my writing samples, my best written work to date does not speak directly to the area of interest I am stating in my SOP (though they are in the rhet. field). Would it be advisable to develop a new, more focused sample or just work on editing what I already completed? Thank you!
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