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  1. I am currently applhying for NSERC. My domain is in psychology. Psychology falls under SSHRC and NSERC. I kind of understand the differences in both agencies...but i am unsure how to proceed to write the section on "justification for eligibility of proposed research" ... Any help is appreciated
  2. So I am starting my phd this fall. But my first year is masters. I know what my topic is going to be for my phd. But I wanted to know how to pick a topic for masters. Is it based on what u will b doing for ur phd or completely different?
  3. Usually during group interviews one tends to be anxious and eager to stand out and mistakenly interrupt others....be patient....do not interrupt others...time yourself by listening to others and answer accordingly...and relax....they r just getting to know u...so it's an informal process....they may ask ou where you studied....if you did any thesis work...abt yr research intersts....and you get to ask questions too..so prepare or that too...
  4. I too had similar structure While writing my sop. One or two sentences describing my purpose to attend the university Background...wat courses led me to pursue this career My experiences in the lab and how it motivated me to formulate questions about my research Explain any low grades ..(I had to include this in my case) My research interest...questions I am planning to ask... Why this university...n the profs I want to work with And in the end couple of sentences what makes me perfect to study here...basically ur strengths Ur sop should b not only interesting but your paragraphs s
  5. I just got accepted into my top program...and I wanted to let my recommenders know that and thank them Has anyone given such emails? What do you write
  6. I got interview an interview with one of my top choices and meeting with grad students. I was wondering if its a food idea to mention I got another acceptance...but I am rooting for an acceptance from this uni( where I have my interview). I don't want this information to diminish my chances to get an acceptance.
  7. Do it at the comfort of Your home. Keep Talking points post its to the side of your computer...make sure your Internet connection is good... Most importantly...cell ph off...no background distractions...no One interrupting you(if at home) Don't be nervous....most of the interviews are casual talking....so relax..
  8. Maybe he had urgent meeting he had to attend to and at the same time wanted to talk to you..he did say to keep in touch...be sure to send a thank you email and express if he has any other questions...or mayb say you had a question to ask...it's a great way to let him know of your interest...and ask if he would like to meet in person sometime... R u in Toronto? Wat program?
  9. Dependson each department...for psychology...from what i have been told..they invite potential grad students to recruitment day in March...and they select their candidates from that pool...
  10. In person interview...I don't know if other interviews are sent out...sry
  11. I thint this is a great topic to start And add for future reference ...questions asked to me.....( this is for psycology) 1.rank the research process you are most comfortable with...1 bad 10 being excellent(the 5 research steps) 2.what u think the important trait for a researcher 3. What theories about development psychology excites you the most 4. What authors have you reAd recently 5. How would u manage deadlines 6.if I came into ur office what wud I find 7. What r some of ur research ideas I specifically asked what their mentoring style was...wat kind of subjects they recruit.
  12. Ya well got invited to recruitment day in march...shud receive something after that day...so by mid march shud hear sumthing
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