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  1. I think we should know about funding sometime in mid-March. I'm planning on taking loans out if need be. Seems to me like a sound investment. How about you guys? Will you pay the bill if you need to?
  2. I just thought I would drop in and see if anyone else out there is going to be starting at Villanova in the Fall. If so, send me a PM- I would love to chat with you!
  3. Great to hear Nicolas! Thanks for the input. BTW, I just sent you a private message.
  4. The title pretty much says it all! I would really appreciate some feedback regarding the statement of goals I have prepared. Anyone willing to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello all! If there is anyone out there familiar with the Villanova M.S. program, I'd love to find out what you think my chances of admission are. My stats are... GPA- 3.44 (3.7 in final 60 credits) GRE- V(167/710) Q(158/740) A(5) 3 strong recommendations 2 semesters of research experience 1 semester clinical internship 1 semester as a TA I didn't realize until very late in the game that I wanted to focus on social psychology, thus my extra-curricular experience is sort of all over the board. Any input regarding my chances or recommendations for how I might improve my chances
  6. Thank for the input you guys. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I will make it into a PhD program, but in the event that I don't, it seems to me that the two options I'll be willing to consider are a) a fully funded masters, or doing as Watson said, and adding to my research experience. Along those lines, I have two more questions... Are my numbers good enough to gain admission to a fully funded masters, such as William and Mary, Villanova, etc? I see on WandM website that their average applicant has a 3.69GPA(I am .24 lower), a 594 verbal(I am 116 higher), and a 679 quant(61 hig
  7. I just took the GRE this morning, the result being... Verbal- 167 (98th%, 710 on old scoring scale) Quant.- 158 (79th%, 740) My cum. undergrad GPA was a 3.45, 3.8 in my final two years. I have research/internship experience and three strong letters. I really have no idea where I stand with these numbers. Can I expect to be a competitive applicant for good Social Psych. PhD programs, despite my GPA? Should I be focused on applying for doctorate programs, or does it make more sense for me to start with a high quality masters degree? Does anyone happen to know of either... a)
  8. Hello everyone- I am feeling a bit discouraged by browsing the admissions statistics to the various counseling psychology doctorate programs around the country. I am really hoping someone might be able to give me some sound advice on getting in to a decent program. A bit about me- Planning to apply for programs starting Aug. 2013 Undergrad degree in psych- 3.45 GPA, with a 3.7 in my final 60 credits Will be taking the GRE this coming January Experience: One semester internship in a mental health clinic, 7 months working as an advocate for at risk youth, 2 semesters as a research ass
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